There is no roof or windshield on the new BYD Auto, which is listed under the Fang Cheng Bao sub-brand and named Super 9.

Within the Chinese manufacturing giant, mass models are sold under the BYD brand name (incl DolphinR and that Ato 3It is also distributed in Hungary), then Denza Followed, then by recreational vehicle specialist Fang Qingbao (to whom, by the way, Super 9 has also been added), and the peak is represented by Yanguang, which offers an off-road vehicle and a super sports car.

The eye-catching roadster was shown off a few days ago, with BYD's chief designer Wolfgang Egger (who previously designed for Alfa and Audi) showing off the sports car.

The Super 9 is made entirely of carbon, and then the carbon fiber elements are polished. The driver and passenger sit in their seats separately, and there is no roof or windshield, as we previously mentioned.

The proportions of the car are very similar to Ferrari to Monza. The nose is long, the hips are wide, and the engine is completely electric, but BYD did not provide any other technical details. All we know is that the Fang Cheng Bao Super 9 will be a street car available in a limited series in 2025.