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which earns Újváros Bisztro a place in the group list

which earns Újváros Bisztro a place in the group list

Little by little, Újvárosi Bisztró in Szarvas attracts the attention of not only the region, but also the whole country, which has been added to the gastronomic bucket list of more and more people. The restaurant has a number of “legs” to its name, thanks to which it was immediately at the forefront of catering establishments after its opening. From the state-of-the-art building to the most unique coffee offering to the most extravagant theme, just about everything speaks volumes.

The first modern building in the city

The stunning building of Újváros Bisztró on the banks of Holt-Körös was erected with a grandiose aim by the owners of the world-class luxury restaurant, around which a new neighborhood will be built in the coming period. The builders soon realized that there was a part of Szarvas that could function as a new city based on the example of the other big cities, where a modern existence could flourish, nourished by the roots of tradition. The starting point for this endeavor is the city’s first modern high-tech building, which is also Gree Hungary’s office building.

The most beautiful panorama

A fairy-tale forest with an arboretum, ancient swamp cypresses, summer catering girls, kayakers, kite surfers, and pleasure boats bobbing on the water. All this alone would be enough for a winning panorama, but in addition to the natural attractions, guests of the bistro can also see the many sights of Szarvas: Bolza Castle in the Old Town, the Millennium Monument with the Holy Crown and the Fountain, the city’s marina and the aquatic theater that draw at The sunset is a truly magical picture.

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The restaurant is equipped with the latest technology

The entire building represents the pinnacle of technology with a face scanner and GMV6 heating and cooling system, which transfers heat from one room to another. The building knows the current season, where the wind is blowing from, how strong it is, where the sun is shining from, how bright it is, and it can provide a weather forecast three months in advance. At Újváros Bistro, it’s amazing, almost futuristic, the way intelligent self-learning algorithms control temperature, brightness, ventilation technology, and blinds. Moreover, the building’s high-quality touch-screen-controlled sound system provides background music that provides pleasant relaxation in all areas of the restaurant, including the gallery, the terrace, and even the bathrooms.

The most exclusive interior design

Újváros Bisztró is a unique example of interior design. The stunning interior design was created, among other things, by the world famous designer Turco, who combines art and interior design by combining digital technology and hand craftsmanship. In addition to the Italian furniture specially designed for this place, such as the Bentley sofa set, the marble floor inlaid with 24-karat gold was also made exclusively for this place. Decastelli metal wall panels, Siches glass panels, and granite and marble slabs enhance the sense of luxury when we sit in the bistro.

Showcasing the most exclusive coffee

In the café, three select and ever-changing specialty coffees are served to provide a renewed coffee experience, which are infusions of the finest Italian, local and international coffees. Nowhere else in the country are all three roasters represented, not to mention that only coffee at Újvárosi Bistro is coffee made in this limited-edition Dalla Corte Zero Anniversary coffee machine. In addition, they pay great attention to education: the baristas constantly train themselves, help with the selection, prepare coffee according to the guests’ specific needs, and present the current selection on small cards. This short introduction includes product, processor, region, altitude, various variables, processing, flavor profiles, roaster, and preparation.

The most beautiful coffee machine

The previously mentioned Dalla Corte Zero Dark Anniversary limited edition coffee machine won the iF Product Design Award in 2021, which honors the best industrial designers. The device’s brushed red copper finish is a perfect match with the elaborate dark walnut details and back panel, which features the original Dalla Corte logo.

Offer the most exclusive coffee and tea

In addition to cards describing coffee and tea, we can order a sample of the raw aroma, and the finished beverage arrives at our table on a wooden tray with the Újváros Bisztró logo on it.

The most extravagant idea

In addition to modern technology, gold, which symbolizes true wealth, luxury and an opulent environment, appears in several places in the restaurant. The 24k gold line returns in a particularly tasty concept, for example in the form of gold inlays in the marble mosaic floor, or as gold dust sprinkled over cappuccinos and unique cakes. And there’s Clase Azul Añejo tequila, whose glass also contains a shimmering 24-karat gold aloe leaf.

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