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A scientist claims to have proof that we live in a simulation Sciences

A scientist claims to have proof that we live in a simulation  Sciences

We were amazed by the world of the 1999 Matrix in cinemas, but some scientists are still interested in the idea that people actually live in a computer simulation, and scientist Melvin Fopson believes he has evidence that things around us are not real.

University of Portsmouth physicist Melvin Fopson investigated a new law of physics in 2022, which is based on the second law of thermodynamics. This law of physics states that the entropy, or chaos, in a closed system can never remain unchanged or increase, but it will never decrease. According to the scientist, the entropy of information systems should be the same, but this is not the case

Because of this Fobson Create the second law of information dynamicsPointing out that a “fifth state” must exist to balance the expansion of the universe without losing or gaining heat. According to the physicist, this fact requires that the total entropy of the universe remains constant, and this may prove that we are living in a simulation.

While Charles Darwin believed that mutations occur randomly during evolution, Fobson says that… Mutations occur to help balance the entropy of information. To prove this, he examined COVID-19 and its mutations and found a unique link between information and genetic mutation dynamics. All this proves that we live in a simulation.

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