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The beautiful The Shogun actress has also been photographed wearing thongs – here are her best private photos

The beautiful The Shogun actress has also been photographed wearing thongs – here are her best private photos

In feudal Japan Samurai were actually military warriorsThey swore loyalty to their master and strove to live an honest life. By the beginning of the 17th century, the duties and responsibilities of samurai had changed, and they were increasingly moving into administrative and political roles. Although respect for the samurai remained in Japanese society—and throughout the world—the reality of samurai life was far less heroic.

There are many misconceptions

However, much of what modern culture has done to promote the samurai has actually led to misunderstandings about their lives and activities. Even historically The most accurate samurai films They also contain stereotypes or partial truths, confusing what viewers do and don't believe about samurai.

Here we have shown the most ridiculous misconceptionsWhat people think about samurai because of movies.

What is the shogun theme?

the A new series called Shogun It follows the struggle of two men from different worlds. John Blackthorne, a risky English sailor who is shipwrecked in Japan, a country whose unfamiliar culture completely changes his personality. Lord Toranaga, a cunning and powerful daimyo at odds with his dangerous political rivals. The story introduces Lady Mariko, a woman with invaluable skills but dishonest family ties who must prove her worth and loyalty.

Most people compare the new samurai series to Game of Thrones, and it's surrounded by just as much attention as it was before the hugely successful fantasy series. Both series promise a wide cast, huge locations, political intrigue, unexpected twists and disappointing characters who move in moral gray areas. Given the intensity of Shogun, a one-week wait between two episodes may seem too long, so we recommend it now for this period A few similar filmsWhich may appeal to viewers of the series as well.

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These are the best samurai movies!

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