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The dream race competitor took down the safety of spectators

The dream race competitor took down the safety of spectators

The broadcast of the program “Az omlommeló” on Monday night made huge waves after tensions rose between the three supporting candidates still in the race. Rachel (at the far left of our featured image) and Mario They had a nasty argument after the boy felt like she was ignoring his work, while Rachel blamed Mario for not doing it right. “I'm really tired of my teammates. If it were possible to change teams in the meantime, I would be very happy to see how creative others are, how they think, and what the team energy is like among them. I'm constantly pushing teamwork, but others don't seem to think that way.” 24. He Rachel's complaint. “There's no good way, because if I stay silent, that's the problem, and if I fight back, that's the problem,” Mario said. “I'm already physically ill, and I don't want to say a word to him, because he's taking me down from life. I'd rather be homeless than “To be his co-worker.”

The conflict between Rachel and Mario didn't leave viewers cold either, with many people voicing their opinions on Reddit. It is clear from this that most people agree with Mario, and that Rachel's behavior has puzzled many. Here are some comments:

“Next year, I want a show for Récsöl, where they are looking for a boss. “And the main candidates are withdrawing/giving up day by day,” wrote one commentator whose show is titled Dream Boss.

“This Rahel/Rexsol is a terrible thing. Arrogant, primitive, pompous and insufferable. I don’t know how he can bear such a tone.”

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“I'm very people-oriented. “I really like working with people – people just don't like working with you, Rexsol.”

“I really don't understand what you're doing here. Even Bloodbloods have already witnessed these manifestations 1-2 times. If I were running a corporate empire and took myself even the slightest bit seriously, I wouldn't allow such a woman to get close to my company.”

“May God protect everyone who has to work with this girl, anywhere.”

“This is exactly what is wrong with the world, which is also shown very clearly here in the show… Such neurotic and malicious 'creeps' do whatever they want, and normal, sane people still have to apologize to him so that there is no problem.” conflict.”

Featured image: RTL/Press Club

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