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Index – Sports – Will the sporting miracle be repeated in Budapest? We have already achieved this feat once

Index – Sports – Will the sporting miracle be repeated in Budapest?  We have already achieved this feat once

The North American national team has visited Hungary six times in the past 20 years. In February 2004, the Maple Leafs took to the ice in front of a full house in Szekesfehervar. At that time, the overseas team of Legionnaires were recruited from here at sea, and European Legionnaires were not usually included in the World Cup team. The Hungarian team led 2-1 and 4-3, but in the end Canada won 5-4. In that match Christian Palkovic, Attila Hoffmann, László Orso, He died tragically suddenly in 2009 The younger Gabor Oskai Score our goals.

Due to the great success achieved by the Hungarian Association Hooked quickly Another match with the opponent, so that people in the capital can also admire the kings of the sport.

In April 2004, Canada, packed with NHL stars, won 9-2 over the Hungarians in a packed Budapest Sportarena, with 10,000 spectators interested in the encounter. A few weeks later, Canada also won Group A at the World Cup.

A year later, in February 2005, the North American team beat us 7-0. Interestingly, the subsequent Hungarian national team striker, Frank Banham He was still wearing a Canada jersey at the time.

Another year later, Canada's Thunder Bay Bombers entered the Budapest tournament, which the Hungarian team won 6-4. Son Gabor Oskai “came” twice they. Still This is the only Hungarian success Against a Canadian competitor.

In November 2016, the national team made up of Canadians playing in Europe faced the Hungarians again in Tuskesarnok. Leadership Istvan Sofron With his goal, the home team scored, followed by five unanswered goals, as the visitors won easily.

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Then came the 2023 Hokitavas tournament, in front of nearly 15,000 spectators at the MVM Dome. Hungarian team again Sophron He took the lead with his goal, but the Canadiens, who were siding with the Stanley Cup winners, did the opposite. Vilmos Gallo With his goal, the score became close and in the end it was 5-2.

The two teams have met twice in World Cup Group A: Canada won 9-0 in 2009 and 7-1 in 2016. István Bartalis scored the only Hungarian goal against Calvin Picard in SZENTPÉTERVÁR.

Canada arrives in the Hungarian capital with a strong squad, including the No. 1 pick from last year's NHL draft, Connor Bedard He will also be present at the training camp in Budapest ahead of the World Cup, as well as in the warm-up match between Hungary and Canada at the MVM Dome on May 7.

Rick Nashes is said to have called three-time Stanley Cup winner Sidney Crosby, who missed the playoffs with the Pittsburgh Penguins, who did not immediately say yes, but instead asked for a few days to think. According to Canadian journalists, a 1/1 prospect for this year's draft, MacLean Celebrini, who celebrates his 18th birthday in June, may also step onto the ice in Hungary.

The Hungarian team got off to a great start at the Division I/A World Championship in Bolzano on Sunday, defeating Sovron Japan 3-1 in their first match. On Tuesday, coach Don McAdam's team will meet the other Asian team in the tournament, South Korea. (The Hungarian team’s matches are broadcast on Sport TV)

In addition to our team and the host Italians, the group also includes the Slovenian, South Korean, Japanese and Romanian national teams. By convention, two teams advance to the elite tier of Group A, while the last team is relegated to Division I/B corresponding to the third line.

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For the national team, the season ends with a celebratory match against Canada, as the two teams played against each other last year in a fantastic and memorable match at the MVM Dome, although our team could also have been preparing for Group A at the time. Tickets are available starting from 7,990 HUF To the meeting.

Ice Hockey, Division I/A World Championship

Round 1

  • Hungary – Japan 3–1 (1–0, 0–0, 2–1)
  • Goal: Varga (8th place), Turbox (42nd place), Harry (60th place), and Nakajima T (47th place)
  • Republic of Korea – Slovenia 4-2 (2–1, 0–1, 2–0)
  • Italy – Romania 6-1 (2–0, 2–1, 2–0)

Additional program for the Hungarian national team:

  • Tuesday: Hungary – Republic of Korea 16.00
  • Wednesday: Hungary – Romania 12:30 pm
  • Friday: Hungary – Italy 7.30 pm
  • Saturday: Hungary-Slovenia 19.30