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All of the local starters achieved a podium finish in III. WKF Sundome Cup

All of the local starters achieved a podium finish in III.  WKF Sundome Cup

The National Karate Competition was hosted on April 27 Agca Municipal Sports Hall. big size Third. WKF Sun Dome cup 202 competitors from 17 sports federations submitted a total of 370 entries. Participating karatekas can compare their skills in the categories of grappling, spot striking, sponge fighting and form exercises.

Great anticipation preceded the first Lipka Karate Competition of the year, which was held there Ferenc Juhasz the Hungarian Karate Association His deputy also participated and wished the athletes a successful competition. This cup was an excellent preparation opportunity for the country teams WKF Hungarian ChampionshipSince everyone was able to practice a lot, many people were nominated for the following age groups and spectators were able to watch a lot of the league matches. In addition to the number of competitors, the level of the event was also raised by the presence of celebrity judges on each mat, who Balazs Bodner Under his leadership, they did a great job, and all competitions were conducted in a sporting manner.

the Sundome SE Its members also prepared with great enthusiasm, and many of them helped organize and manage the competition. Thirty-five people participated in the cup, unfortunately three of them fell ill, and in the end thirty-two local athletes participated in the tatami, giving the best of their skills. They all finished on the podium in the competition organized by AJCA In addition to their individual successes, their important goal was also to win the team cup. Since the previous one Sun dome cup It was not possible to get this, so the local athletes and their coaches were especially great – Andras Takacs, Helga Takacs, Miklos Takacs (Mitya)To the founder of the association, Miklos TakacNAC – To their delight, when they were very young, they managed to win the team cup by just a few points!

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Carpenter Patrick Sekin Tsuki first place

Albert Hadi Kata 3rd place…….SZ Kumite 3rd place

Adam Augustin Kata, third place……Kumite, first place

Marton Bakos Seiken Tsuki third place…… sz.kumite third place

Bakos Matthias Seckin Tsuki second place……La Kumite third place

Édl-Csordás Kolos kata Third place……Kumite Third place

Individual Zsanka seiken tzuki 3rd place……No Kumite 3rd place

Transylvania Flower Kumite 1st place……Kumite 1st place

Gobecza Tamara Kumite 1st place…..Kumite 2nd place

Aaron Georitz-Kardex Seiken Tsuki 3rd place……sz.kumite 1st place

Hagdar Elena Kata 3rd place……Kumite 3rd place

Hajdu Benjamin Sekin Tsuki placed third

Viktória Hangodi seiken tzuki third place….sz kumite third place

Marton Horvath Kumite 3rd place……Kumite 1st place

Private Anna Sekin Tsuki, second place……sz kumite, third place

Killer Pence Kumite 1st place……Kumite 1st place

First place: Killer Buldisar Kumite

Kovacs Dominik Sekin Tsuki second place……second place sz.kumite

Marton Anna Sekin Tsuk is in second place

Mathias Mesterhazy Kumite 3rd place

Kata Karoly Mooszai third place

Naji Leela, second place

Marto Nardai no. Kumite, second place

Patrick Rossavolgyi Kumite 1st place

Schreithofer Juniper Sikken Tsuki 3rd place……sz.kumite 3rd place

Shrithofer Viraj Kata 3rd place……La Kumite 3rd place

Solymosi Dorka kata, third place……Kumite, second place

Nora Stroup Kumite 1st place……Kumite 1st place

Szabó Bendegúz seiken tzuki third place……sz kumite third place

Levente Szelvasi Kumite 2nd place

Slota Plana Kumite 2nd place……Kumite 2nd place

Zénó Takács seiken tzuki Second place……sz Kumite Second place

No no


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