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This is how the Lada engine can “spin in reverse” – video

This is how the Lada engine can “spin in reverse” – video

This isn't the first time Garage 54 has done an exciting/crazy experiment. Suffice it to think when four flywheels were installed on Lada, or when the wheel was made of concrete.

In this video, they wanted to know how to fix a Lada engine that is “reverse rotating”. Therefore, they had to think a lot about what to do, but in the end they came to a decision and started the project.

The basic idea was that if they could turn the camshaft in the opposite direction, it could work. Yes, but how do you solve this problem so that the control adjustment does not slip?

They decided to reverse the camshaft, but to do so they had to cut the whole thing off and cut off both ends and replace them in order to put the controls together. In addition, there was some physical work with it.

Since the oil pump can only turn in one direction, they had to replace it with a servo pump for lubrication, among some other modifications. However, they didn't touch the starter at all.

Since the transmission and differential remained intact, this meant that they had 4 reverse gears and 1 forward gear, and could only go forward in reverse. This was accompanied by the characteristic sound due to the straight teeth of the rear gear.

They even took it out for a test drive, pulling the Lada with a rope, and within a short time the engine came back to life. Watch the miracle, he was actually able to turn in the opposite direction, and by the end of the video he was in pretty good shape considering the conditions.

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