The Mysteries of Taurus Valley Litro – MCSE

Gyorgy Cullen University Free Astronomy Spring Series 2023

Óbuda Polaris Observatory, 1037 Budapest III., Laborc u. 2 / c

March 16, 8:00 p.m

Emre Toth: The Mysteries of the Taurus Valley Littreux: Half a century has passed since the Apollo 17 lunar mission

Half a century ago, in December 1972, the era of the first manned lunar landing with the Apollo 17 flight ended. The Apollo-17 landing site was the Taurus-Littrow region on the Moon, and careful preparation had preceded the selection and appointment. In the presentation, we will introduce this interesting region to our celestial companion and also review in general terms the landing sites of the Apollo lunar missions and the most important scientific results of the program. By the way, one of the permanent observation programs of the Lunar Discovery Group of the Hungarian Astronomical Society is the “Visible Landing Sites” program, which aims to visually observe or capture the lunar environment of the spacecraft that landed on the side of the Moon visible from us, or capture it with pictures under various local lighting conditions. Of course, the spacecraft on the lunar surface cannot be seen by a ground-based telescope, but its lunar environment is an interesting sight. So visiting the landing sites of the Apollo and other lunar programs on the far side of the Moon, even with a small telescope, can be an interesting program and remind observers of the heroic era of lunar exploration and space exploration. But the lunar landing sites will increase in the future, because the exploration of the moon with the astronauts working on its surface will continue in the Artemis program after a break of more than 50 years, so we will soon return to the moon! Moreover, the number of landing sites will increase with other lunar programs.

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