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It looks cute, but it's actually a real predator – they even eat each other if nothing else – Balcony

It looks cute, but it's actually a real predator – they even eat each other if nothing else – Balcony

The rodents that live in the American southwest and northwestern Mexican states are one of the most distinctive members of the living world. A true survivor, but also a carnivorous predator, and they are not safe even from each other.

It looks cute, but the southern prairie vole is actually a true predator

At first glance, the southern prairie vole does not seem dangerous, but in fact, it is one of the most aggressive animals that exists It attacks anything that moves If not much larger in size. He does not hesitate to observe his victim first, then finish him off with a bite to the head. One of its favorite prey is the Arizona bark scorpion, which has no The deadly poison has no effect on prairie voles.

All this is achieved by one person According to a studyTo close the channels in your body that would transmit the sensation of pain to your brain. Thus, you practically do not feel the pain caused by a scorpion sting. Although scientists have not figured out how scorpion venom could be non-lethal to a mouse. There is much ongoing research in this regard, through which scientists hope to develop new, more effective medications to relieve pain. In addition, the prairie vole is capable of biting a scorpion's tail, so it has no chance of being stung.

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He imagines himself as a wolf

Another truly distinctive and unique feature of this rat breed is the gravity of the moon. In this case, it stands on two legs, raises its nose in the air, and emits a particularly high-pitched sound that can be heard from 100 meters away. According to a 2017 study, sounds are formed in the same way as humans speaking or wolves howling. That is, the leaking air passes through the trachea and vibrates the vocal cords.

They also discovered that mice have bell-shaped appendages that help them make sounds. The lure is often released before killing the victim during night hunting. This strange behavior also helps mark their territory, which prairie voles are especially protective of From other mice also. Moreover, they do not hesitate to eat each other, so that male and female pairs often fall in love with each other.

Meerkats are not as innocent as they seem – some females even eat their own relatives

A special gene can make some female meerkats dominant.

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