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This way we can easily get rid of the garden stump

This way we can easily get rid of the garden stump

You feel more powerful.

With a little effort, we can remove unwanted tree stumps from our garden, writes A Cherry.

Removing a large stump after cutting down a tree is not an easy task, especially if the plant has lived for several decades. But even without expensive tools and special experience, we can successfully get rid of thick stumps.

The stumps remaining after a tree is cut down have a disturbing effect in the garden, and deep roots can put even experienced gardeners to a serious test of strength. Many people use professional equipment, which can be expensive to rent, but in return we can effectively remove the stump with their help.

There are cheap and effective methods that we can use on our balcony.

Let's ignite the tribe!

If the log is thick, then you should not overestimate your strength, it is appropriate to try to burn it. It is easier to drill deep holes in its surface and then pour paraffin or heating oil into the gaps. It is important to leave the stump in this state for a long time. It takes at least a week for the agents applied to the trunk to be absorbed into the tree.

After the required time has passed, drop a lit match into each hole and destroy the stump from the inside. It takes several days to burn the logs, but by the end of the process they are essentially piles of ash. Always secure the burning log so that animals and children cannot access it.


Remove the stump naturally

Those who have reservations about the paraffin burning method can use live fungi to break down the logs. Special mushrooms can be purchased at gardening stores. In nature, this fungus is only found on rotten tree branches and does not harm other plants in its environment. The natural method is very simple, crush the mycelium, dissolve it in 5 liters of water and mix the mixture well. We then drill holes in the tree trunk and spray it with water to keep it moist.

The prepared mycelium suspension is poured into the holes on the trunk and spread over the surface of the tree. Finally, the trunk is wrapped in perforated paper and sprinkled with leaves. It's a good thing that a log “treated” in this way needs six months to rot. Of course, the process can take longer if the record becomes very large.

The pallet decomposes chemically

Nitrogen fertilizers work well to break down the stem, and we can use these agents effectively. Pour nitrogen fertilizer into the holes drilled in the trunk, cover with soil and wait.

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