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7th place in Plovdiv VK

7th place in Plovdiv VK

7th place in Plovdiv VK

The Hungarian Sabers, which also included Patai Sugar, were one step away from the semi-finals. After the defeat against the Spaniards, it was difficult for the national team to recover.

After the individual competitions, the group competitions continued today at the World Cup Plovdiv. The Hungarian fencing team of Sugar Bataille, Anna Marton, Lisa Pusztai and Luka Szocs rounded out the Brits in the round of 16, the DEAC fencer contributing 10 strokes to the 45:15 success.

The encounter against the Spaniards in the quarter-finals led to an even tougher battle, and in the end the Spaniards proved they were one stroke better.

We have 5-8. They could go on for a place, and there was no easier task waiting for them here either, as they had to face the Italians – who lost to South Korea in the quarter-finals with a score of 45:40. Unfortunately, the Hungarian girls lost 45:37 in a close match.

The final match for seventh place was against the United States of America. There was still a feeling that the one-point defeat to the Spaniards took a toll on our team mentally. After the seventh round, the Americans remained ahead by 35:29, but then they managed to break the deadlock, and from then on the Hungarian team collected all the points with 45: won In the match, a difference of 35.

Thus, the pre-Olympics global competitions were concluded. The DEAC fencer will contest another national championship in Paris on May 24-26. And a continental competition, which is the European Championship, which will be held in Basel in mid-June.

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Women's World Cup Plovdiv Team
Round of 16: Hungary-Great Britain 45:15 (Pusztai +11, Battai +10, Szűcs +9)
Quarter final: Spain – Hungary 45:44 (Szűcs +7, Pusztai +2, Battai -10)
5-8. For a place: Italy – Hungary 45:37 (Szűcs +3, Battai 0, Márton -5, Pusztai -6)
For seventh place: Hungary-USA 45:35 (Szűcs +6, Pusztai +6, Battai -2)

Photo: Honfeng

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