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Index – Culture – Peter Ungar: The German jury rejected the award, and Peter Nadas failed

Index – Culture – Peter Ungar: The German jury rejected the award, and Peter Nadas failed

“One of the reasons why Peter Nadas did not receive the international literary prize from the House of World Cultures in Berlin (Haus der Kulturen der Welt, HKW) is that he was a white man, and we read this yesterday in the specialized press,” Peter Ungar begins his post. – What can be read about evaluation processes, political comments and pure identity, and the scoring drowned in a farce, as if the person Pest boys You will read a weak parody of the West obsessed with political correctness.

Peter Ungar knows he is on an election campaign, and it is not appropriate to deal with such matters at this time, “but I think it is useful to say that it would be ideal if the jury, when awarding a literary prize, were most concerned with the quality of the literary work of art.

Although there are places where this is no longer in vogue, I think it is useful to separate the work from the author, take autobiographical elements into account to a minimum, and return to the basic classical liberal principle of the existence of the work of art. “Independent of the author,” said Peter Ungar.

White man running

According to Index website. The jury awarded the House of Cultures International Literary Prize to Muhammad Mabugher Sar, but two members of the jury recently revealed what was going on behind the scenes while judging literary works.

According to them, professionalism has been completely replaced by ideology and political correctness. the the timeTheir published article was analyzed by Endre Balog, editor-in-chief of Accordingly Peter Nadas did not receive the award because although his book Horror stories The best, no one can match him, but he is a very accomplished white man who is beloved by journalists.

Many people have commented on this issue, and Peter Ungar has now expressed his opinion as well.

“Women and ethnic minorities have demanded in the last century, in the civil rights movements, that these juries ignore the fact that they are women or belong to ethnic minorities and judge them solely on the quality of their work. Perhaps this demand should be met. The German jury rejected the award, and it was unsuccessful.” Peter Nadas is in it.”