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Index – Meanwhile – The flame was rekindled at the 50th class reunion. This woman married her high school sweetheart at the age of 88.

Index – Meanwhile – The flame was rekindled at the 50th class reunion. This woman married her high school sweetheart at the age of 88.

The musician always wanted to wear things from famous fashion brands.

Photography: Peter Papajcik / Index

GwM has never hidden the fact that she loves branded clothes, which she loves to wear in daily life and for any occasion whenever she gets the chance. The rapper had a big dream at the beginning of his career to one day show himself in the collections of major fashion houses. As we wrote previously, it was an unforgettable moment when he and his wife Idina Kulchar once appeared in Gucci down to their feet, which blew the minds of many people. Now GwM for Bors Grant She revealed in her interview that it does not bother her at all, and she even joked that she jumps in front of the audience in such clothes for the sake of milk.

“I have a lot of clothes that I am proud of. For example, Gucci and Louis Vuitton had a very big dream for me, which was that one day I would be able to wear such brands, and I am proud that I achieved this goal. I appreciate them very much, even though It is also true that I cannot relate to things to that extent,” the musician, whose wardrobe contains many branded pieces, began to the newspaper.

There are days when I really like to dress up. It seems like if I open my closet, I'll have access to some goodies, and if I have a day like this, I'll go to Gucci to buy a carton of milk.

– the rapper joked, and then explained that although many people think that he always collects his collection carefully enough, this is only partly true, because the look of the real “daddy” is also close to him.

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Edina Kulchar's husband also said that it often happens that he wants me to wear something comfortable. On such days, he wears the latest clothes: “For example, when I run errands, I usually don't overdo it,” he adds. “At home, I also like to wear a “Dad, but when it comes to my desire to dress nicely, I go above and beyond.”

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