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Index – Meanwhile – Aaron Molnar: For me, backbone always comes before money

Index – Meanwhile – Aaron Molnar: For me, backbone always comes before money

Aaron Molnar

Photo: Zsoufi Szolar/Al-Fayhsar

It's Aaron Molnar I give my day! He was a guest on the show where Peter Gizzi spoke about his great sense of justice RequestedWhich more than once caused conflict in the actor's professional and personal life.

I have to realize that I need to pay more attention to my money. At 36, I have to pull myself together in this business. But the truth is that my backbone always comes before money. Never at any point in my life have I decided that I would rather look the other way and accept it. Watch the story of our little village when we dusted off with Captain Ivan…

– said Molnar, who while filming the series with his ten colleagues demanded better working conditions, a predictable production plan, and separate bathrooms and dressing rooms. Eventually, the others backed out, so he left the production instead.

“I am a red flag in many situations – admitted the actor, who also told more about his struggle with a star boxer. – “This is still a learning phase: I am 36 years old, and I am also learning how and how a sense of justice should be used well. There was a situation at Sztarbox when I heard a lot of comments from the lecturers there that were very chauvinistic.

It really hurt my ears, there were sexist comments about women. I came home and indignantly wrote a post about it and published it. The producer called me and said very affectionately: “Aaron, why didn’t you call me and tell me?” Then we will change the topic of the show.”

And you know why not, Peter? Because that's not what I came from, and that's not what I was socialized to do, but once there's an attack, there's been an explosion, it needs to be made public. The actor declared that this was students' money.

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