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You can submit your tax return until Tuesday – Economy – News

You can submit your tax return until Tuesday – Economy – News

Taxpayers offered an additional 7 billion Hungarian forints of 1 + 1 percent of their personal income tax in their current returns compared to last year, and the number of people who entered the eSZJA portal exceeded 4 million, the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Finance told MTI on Saturday. . András Talay also drew attention to the fact that the deadline for the personal income tax return ends on Tuesday at midnight. He added that taxpayers were offered a “very high amount” of 1+1 percent personal income tax: 23 billion 746 million forints last year, and 30 billion 974 million forints so far this year. This is 7.2 billion higher than last year – stated the Minister of State.

He said, the statement on 1+1 ratios that can be submitted to civil organizations, religious communities and the National Talent Program can also be submitted on the eSZJA interface of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) in the easiest and fastest way. way until midnight Tuesday.

András Talay added that the draft tax return prepared by the Tax Office can also be reviewed, completed, amended or accepted until midnight on Tuesday. Taxpayers who approve the project and do nothing — except for individuals obligated to pay sales tax, sole proprietors, and primary producers — will have their draft automatically declared as a tax return on May 21.

He said: So far, more than 4 million people have accessed the eSZJA portal, and 2.3 million have viewed their draft. 970,000 taxpayers approved their returns without changes, 511,000 amended their drafts, while 2.2 million have already submitted their returns.

It is important – the Secretary of State noted – that when paying the tax, the tax identification number or tax number must always be indicated in the “Notice” column of the transfer or check, because without this, the NAV can only communicate the amount paid to the late payer.

András Talay spoke about the following: Regarding personal income tax, this year you can still use the right to dispose of the tax related to self-care savings, on the basis of which twenty percent of payments can usually be claimed. At the same time, there is still a large number of people who, although they have this type of savings, do not use this opportunity. Forms of self-care for retirement purposes as well as self-help and health funds do not reduce tax on the single tax base, so the tax must be paid during the year, but a portion of it can be claimed back in the tax return, which is then credited to the savings account.

Finally, the Minister of State said that one of the pillars of the government's tax policy was to further reduce administration and continue reducing taxes. He added that Hungary's family support system is multifaceted: family tax relief is part of it, for example. Discount for first-time married couples; SJA discount for youth under 25; Discount for women aged 25-30 with children up to age 30; Discount for mothers raising four or more children; And personal discount. Thanks to family taxes and contribution benefits, about 350-370 billion forints remain in the pockets of families annually – the announcement said.

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