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Did Hungarian equipment make KamAZ successful?

Did Hungarian equipment make KamAZ successful?

Naberezhnye The city of Chilini grew into one of the largest industrial cities in the Republic of Tatarstan after the completion of the KamAZ plant there in the mid-1970s. The first KAMAZ rolled off the production line in 1976, after which production was gradually increased. During peak period An average of 150,000 trucks and 250,000 diesel engines were produced at the plant each year. this

The dimensions are well reflected in the fact that the Kámai automobile plant was actually spread over an area of ​​more than 100 square kilometers initially. The factory consists of ten large production halls, the largest of which can accommodate eight football fields. The main assembly line is 671 meters long and is served by 300 kilometers of conveyor belts and 390 automated machinery lines. Not only were the final vehicles manufactured there, but also the engines used to drive them.

KAMAZ engines had to undergo strict quality control after production, as the trucks had to withstand temperatures of up to 40 degrees as well as 50 degrees below zero weather. The Hungarian company VILATI supplied the necessary power and electronic measuring equipment for the test benches used to operate the manufactured engines.

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VILATI has delivered a total of 172 engine test stand control systems and 15 connected computers to the Kamaz plant. Later, Hungarian engineers visited the KAMAZ plant from time to time for maintenance and warranty repair of the test seats. (It should be noted that at that time West Germans, French, Italians, Bulgarians, Czechs and even Americans worked there. Specialists from the USA installed a casting plant, and the West Germans installed crankshaft manufacturing lines.)

Did Hungarian equipment make KamAZ successful?  2

At this time, KAMAZ was produced with a fixed platform, semi-trailer tractor and inclined platform. In the early years, customers could choose from 15 versions. The power of the engines was 210-260 hp, but in 1985 a 300 hp version appeared. The completed engines were not only installed in KAMAZ trucks, but also supplied to other truck factories.

Not only the test platform equipment arrived from Hungary. For example, at that time, the Electrical Equipment and Appliances Company (VBKM) delivered electronic registration plates worth 2 million rubles to production halls. On these, it was possible to track whether the daily plan was implemented or not.

The deal made VILATI the most important automation development company by the mid-1980s. KAMAZ produced more than 1.7 million trucks by the turn of the millennium.

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