The newest lookout tower on Lake Balaton offers a wonderful panoramic view

The newest lookout tower on Lake Balaton offers a wonderful panoramic view

From Kishegy in Balatonlelle, the intergalactic sea unfolds in front of us.

Little Balatonlelle is very popular due to Lake Balaton, the wine cellars and restaurants of the tourist area where the ancient forests were the first initiative of the László Szoux Forest Supervisor, the first mayor and public welfare destination Balatonlelle for the written book The Lily Newspaper.

The wooden tables, benches and other wooden outdoor equipment installed in the park forest in Kishji deteriorated some 30 years ago. The owner of the area, SEFAG Erdészeti és Faipari Zrt. , Implementation and implementation of significant modernization processes in the region thanks to successful tendering.

The newest view of Lake Balaton in Kishegy has been completed, the panoramic and relaxing porch built of wood, where there is a wonderful view of the Hungarian Sea. From the building blending in with the landscape, we have a beautiful view of the steeple mountains of the Balaton Uplands, the heights of the South Beach – Balatonboglár Spherical Lookout and Fonyódi Hill – and their settlements, such as Balatonboglár, Fonyód and Balatonlelle.

Romain Silage

Work is in progress in Kishji: the road leading to it has been expanded, information panels have been constructed, and a playground has been built. As part of the development, they want to please hikers by setting tables, benches, and roasting bacon roasts in the park’s woods.

During the implementation of the project, a small steering track and an off-road bike path will also be allocated.

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