We may not be alone after all – David Grosch claims that the US government is hiding extraterrestrial vehicles.

Interview conducted by debriefingto David Grosch, a former US Secret Service officer and veteran who served on the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. The man claims no less than that the US government possesses “intact or partially intact vehicles of non-terrestrial origin.”

This does not prove anything, but it is a fact: due to his previous work, he had access to classified information on the subject and was involved in analyzes that tried to explain unidentified atmospheric phenomena (UAP).

David Grosch explained that the US government, its allies, and others have been collecting intact vehicles and spare parts for decades, and after analyzing them, it was found that they were of “alien” origin, or that their origin was not human.

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His claims are based on the shape (shape) and materials testing of the compounds, which showed unique atomic arrangements and radioactive signatures.

Grosh went further, saying that this information had been illegally withheld from Congress, and that he faced retaliation for publishing it.

the Interesting geometry He reminds us that it is not known where these alleged spacecraft were stored, and Grosch did not claim to have seen them himself.

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