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Your long weekend horoscope: A peaceful Pentecost weekend!

Your long weekend horoscope: A peaceful Pentecost weekend!

The planets indicate peaceful and happy Pentecost weekends and holidays. If possible, spend time with your partner and friends. The joint program recharges the body and soul. We wish you a blessed and happy Pentecost holiday!

Aries long weekend

The long Whitsun weekend can start with love battles. If you have a partner, you may have a conflict with him. Know that your partner is now sensitive to all your sharpest expressions! Fortunately, there will also be peaceful constellations in the sky, which is good news even if you are still looking for a life partner.

Aries may

Taurus on the long weekend

The long weekend of Pentecost begins with a double planetary conjunction in the Taurus sky on Saturday: Venus, Uranus, the Sun and Jupiter, thanks to which they will be in focus (and not only on this day). You can thank this not only for your birthday, but also because the people around you have an opinion…

Taurus May

Gemini long weekend horoscope

Everything is provided to make your long weekend in Whitsun truly beautiful. Soft and harmonious lighting angles help you enjoy the rest you deserve. This should be your main program! The Sun's entry into Gemini on Monday indicates that your birthday is approaching. You can plan the celebration: where and with whom you will spend it…


Gemini may

Planets point to a long, peaceful and happy Pentecost holiday (Shutterstock)

Cancer long weekend horoscope

“The bird's feather, man's friend” It can be known. That's why your Whitsun weekend should be about your friends and shared programs! Spending time with them is real relaxation. They are able to drive away the dark clouds of anxiety and help you see yourself and the current situation in a more cheerful and optimistic way…

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Cancer zodiac sign for May

Leo long weekend

It will be a big challenge for you to put work aside and build your career on the weekends. This applies to all your weekends, but especially this one. On Saturday, it seems impossible not to have thoughts about your career. Since you love challenges, this is a great opportunity for you to…

Leo Mai horoscope

Virgo long weekend

You had a million plans and ideas for this long weekend. By the long-awaited weekend, you're stuck and can't decide which one to choose. It is also helpful now to write down all your plans and then organize them. In the meantime, you can be sure that someone will come and “seduce” you. You should keep it…

Virgo May

Libra long weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a planetary opposition that shows the danger of heated debate. If you are not offended, there will be an opportunity to reach a compromise. On Monday, the Sun's entry into Gemini will bring you comfort and serenity. Any cultural program will be useful to you.

Libra zodiac sign for May

Scorpio for the long weekend

They say May is the month of lovers. For you, this weekend is sure to be about love. If you have a partner, you can spend wonderful days with him. If you don't have a partner yet, you can meet him now. Leave it to fate, where and how! In the meantime, open your eyes and heart!

Scorpio May

Sagittarius long weekend

Are you tired of everyone telling you what vitamins and supplements to take? Even over the long weekend of Pentecost, you keep stumbling upon this topic. According to celestial processes, it is time to take steps to maintain your health…

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Sagittarius May

Capricorn long weekend

You can be happy because on Saturday there will be a major planetary conjunction (Venus, Uranus, Sun and Jupiter in Taurus) and two additional angles of light that are very beneficial and favor you. In other words, you will have no reason to complain. There's a good chance that everything is going according to your plan now. But even if you have to change, don't despair.

Capricorn May

Aquarius for the long weekend

You have to jump head first into the thick of Saturday's events. Within 24 hours, there will be six strong angles of light in the sky. They don't scare you, they inspire you. You love it when life happens around you. There's just one problem: you can't hold on to anything or anyone. Not even if you received a promise from someone else.

Aquarius May

Pisces long weekend

Someone managed to shock you on Saturday morning. You don't understand what he doesn't understand. If you can rise above this, peaceful days will come. According to the planets, you should travel. If you can't, at least go for a walk or hike! You will be replaced when you get home…

Pisces may horoscope

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