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We watch in amazement as they clean the Tokyo subway twice a month

We watch in amazement as they clean the Tokyo subway twice a month

A year and a half ago, we saw Japanese fans carefully cleaning the field after a match with their mouths open at Qatar Football Stadium. Then, it's no surprise that professional cleaners don't do a half-hearted job either – in our case, on the Tokyo subway.

Japanese fans clean up in Qatar

It may have been less memorable a year and a half after the soccer tournament, but not only were Japan's national team fans cleaning up after themselves, but also the players themselves. After the Germans pronounced clean Football players, then origami folds and “Thank you!” They left an inscription

Then, it's not surprising, but impressive, what the professionals do. For example, by keeping the Tokyo subway, which carries six million passengers daily and has nine lines and 180 stations, clean.

There are 41 trains on the Syuda Line, which are constantly maintained – in addition to daily cleaning, a thorough cleaning is carried out every 15 days.

From the outside, a team of four washes the complex, similar to a decent car wash. Ten people work inside, moving methodically from top to bottom, paying special attention to the handrails.

Although we don't really know why they said that, because based on the video For everything Particular attention is paid to: parts that are in direct contact with passengers, parts that passengers see for the first time (around doors), very visible parts (windows, advertisements), and even gaps in the door. The rail is cleaned with a separate small stick.

Assembly floors are re-waxed twice a year, but in a regular work session, the main cleaning is completed in about an hour, after which a strict inspector inspects the area.

Although we were primarily impressed by the cleanliness of the car, the second part of the video also shows the station being cleaned. Among other things, ozone cleaning is carried out there, so that not only bacteria disappear, but also unpleasant odors. A red cloth is used for particularly dirty areas below the knee, and a green cloth is used for areas above the knee to avoid cross-contamination.

Only during the Covid period was there a slight decline, following a reduction in the number of cleaning staff. But since then, everything has returned to normal, and everything is being cleaned continuously.

It's hard to highlight anything from this festive cleaning, but the sight of an employee scraping a chew spot with putty looks downright surreal from a distance. Likewise, the worker standing next to the wall when the subway arrives is a ritual: after the cleaners consider that their clothes are dirty, they politely turn away from the passengers and suspend their activities for this short period.

(Source: Insider, Photos: GettyImages)

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