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Big surprise for Hungarians on Netflix, the service provider steps down

Big surprise for Hungarians on Netflix, the service provider steps down

the On Netflix Recently, there has been more and more Hungarian content, and now we don't think about dubbing mainly, Hungarian films are constantly coming to the fore. Not so long ago, for example, Semmelweis was released, which critics consider one of the best Hungarian films of recent years, which tells about the turning point in the life of a Hungarian doctor. There is also a lot of drama in the film, as the Hungarian doctor faces amazing intrigues from the ranks of The scientific community, and had to constantly fight against it.

The film mainly focuses on his years in Vienna in relation to the mothers' savior as he achieves justice for himself.

Half the country knows the beautiful nurse from Semmelweis, but she tells no one her true identity

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The film has received very positive reviews and many people have watched it on Netflix so far. Another interesting thing about Semmelweis on Netflix is ​​that there was a series in which the message of one of the central scenes is shown through the example of the galactic scientist. This line of thought was expressed earlier in the Sufi series entitled Midnight Mass, towards the end of the series.

In one scene of the film, a character shows through Semmelweis's story that sometimes even the brightest researchers and theories are ahead of their time, which is why they often provoke criticism and rejection in the scientific community. Semmelweis, who spoke to fellow scientists about the then-unaccepted theory of bacteria, did not gain recognition until decades later. This is partly because he pointed out past errors of practice, that is, he criticized doctors.

But what happened now?

Hungarian Marsra has been added to the program offering! The comedy series that achieved great success before:

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