OxygenOS 13 public beta has started

OxygenOS 13 public beta has started

The Android 13-based system version can be tested first in the United States and India.


OnePlus is a file OxygenOS 13, based on Android 13, was introduced with the 10T, but the last major version and user interface will be available for OnePlus 10 Pro models first. The public beta can now be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, for now only for non-powered devices sold in the US and India, but soon European users will also be able to experience the improved user interface.

OnePlus 10 Pro
OnePlus 10 Pro [+]

The beta version currently available is not yet perfect, shooting and video recordings are affected by known errors identified by the manufacturer (camera software freeze, unsaved images, zoom problems, green image or night images too black, etc.), so it is advised not to use Basic, every day to experiment on the device. (Although there is an option to revert to the last stable version of the system if we change our minds.)

The trial version of the new software with many innovations is just that It can be safely upgraded to OxygenOS 12 A.15, which provides, among other things, new and more natural animations and controls, a more detailed customizable display, an improved font for better reading and a host of data protection solutions, such as regular and automatic clipboard cleaning or Profile pictures and automatic randomization of names on screen recordings.

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