Index - Economy - The goal is to develop railways

Index – Economy – The goal is to develop railways

The European Union Mobility Strategy, adopted in December, calls for a doubling of rail freight and a tripling of high-speed rail by 2050. written by World economy.

HUF 590 billion will be invested mostly in Chinese loans by Chinese companies and Lőrinc Mészáros companies.

With the initiative of the European Commission, 2021 is the European Year of Railways in the Union, because citizens and businesses need to be better encouraged to use sustainable, smart and safe transportation. Expanding the steady track could contribute to achieving the main goal of the European Union’s green agreement, climate neutrality in 2050.

This agreement also provides for a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector in the European Union by 2050; The sector is now responsible for about 25 percent of total emissions. Although less than 0.5 percent of this goes to rail, only about 7 percent of the continent’s passengers travel by train, and only 11 percent of goods are transported by rail.

In Hungary, MÁV launched 50 of its self-developed IC + cars last year, for which the company intends to produce ninety domestic and international copies in the first two stages.

The first domestic ETCS L2 system supervising train traffic between Ferencváros and Székesfehérvár went into trial in December, and the development is happening on other lines as well. Thanks to it, trains will be able to travel at speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour.

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