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curling canada | Grow your game by giving back!

curling canada |  Grow your game by giving back!
At the 2023 Tee Pee Youth Summit in St. Albert, Alta., 100 Indigenous youth had the opportunity to participate in a pilot project featuring Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings, presented by Curling Canada. (Photo courtesy of RockSolid Productions Inc.)

RockSolid Productions Inc. It opens new doors for young people across the country through the sport of curling

Written by Annika Burgot, Rock Solid Productions Inc.

The 2023-2024 season has been amazing and filled with so many youth engagement opportunities at camps, schools and gyms.

Every year, curling canada and Rock Solid Productions Together they have teamed up to give $20,000 towards meaningful charitable projects across the country, ensuring that curling is accessible to as many young people as possible. This year was no exception, as the value of the initiatives reached $30,000.

Let's take a look at some of the key joint initiatives introduced through Curling Canada's For the Love of Curling program and Rock Solid Productions.

In total, more than 500 children were able to use the equipment and enjoy a new activity at summer camps across Canada. (Photo courtesy of Rock Solid Productions Inc.)

Nets in summer camps

Last summer, hundreds of kids got the chance to try curling at summer camp thanks to donated equipment from Curling Canada and Rock Solid Productions Inc. The two summer camps that received the equipment, Camp Triumph and Christie Lake Camp, offer programs for youth who may not have other opportunities to be exposed to the sport of curling.

In total, more than 500 children were able to use the equipment and enjoy a new activity. The children actively participated in many of the floor curling programs and one camp was lucky enough to have four-time World Curling Champion Craig Saville join them!

From left, Abby Darnley of RockSolid Productions Inc., Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, Tee Pee Summit participants, Alberta Indigenous Relations Minister Rick Wilson, and Gredine Yee Lewison of United We Curl participate in a pilot program coordinated by the First Nations Health Consortium . (Photo: Ryan Running Rabbit)

Indigenous youth try to play curling in a urine-laden youth summit

At the 2023 Tee Pee Youth Summit in St. Albert, Alta., 100 Indigenous youth had the opportunity to participate in a pilot project featuring Egg Farmer Rocks and Rings, courtesy of Curling Canada.

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The goal was to showcase the sport and inspire young leaders to bring the game, in the form of FloorCurl, back to their communities for all ages to enjoy. The First Nations Health Consortium (FNHC), the event organizer, purchased and shipped all the equipment to the communities to help amplify the benefits of the sport. To ensure the use of the equipment, this event was key to encouraging youth leaders to want to run these activities in their communities.

The pilot project was a huge success, breaking down barriers to trying the sport and providing an inclusive activity for many Indigenous communities. Since the summit, FNHC has been busy shipping FloorCurl Equipment with community leaders and educators trained in custom Rocks & Rings programming.

This is an ongoing project that will continue to bring the sport of curling to many communities that would otherwise not have known it, giving individuals of all backgrounds, ages and abilities the opportunity to play.

The comprehensive curling program at Hillcrest High School in Ottawa introduced a diverse group of students to curling for the first time. (Photo, Hillcrest High School Yearbook Collection)

Fran Todd All Heart Award recipients host comprehensive curling sessions

The Fran Todd All Heart Award (FTAHA) supports young athletes who embody the values ​​of curling, place the highest priorities on fair play, respect and inclusion, and care deeply about the future of curling in Canada. Among this year's winners was high school student Rebecca Doherty, who has been a member of her student council since ninth grade, providing her with insight to address issues and speak up for the needs of her fellow students along with sharing her passion with others at Hillcrest High School. School in Ottawa, Ontario.

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Hillcrest High School is a diverse school where curling is not popular with many students. As a competitive curler, Rebecca wanted to share her love of curling with her peers, along with showing how inclusive the sport is. Rebecca hosted a curling event, starting with Egg grower rocks and rings provided by Curling Canada An on-floor curling experience in the school gym for 75 students and then a diverse group of 45 students to try on-ice curling at the RA Center. These students included new Canadians, students from low-income families, students from a developmental delay program, and students with autism spectrum disorder.

The ultimate goal was to hold an inclusive on-ice event, which successfully introduced students to the sport in the gym first, providing them with a safe space to understand the rules and learn about the game. Once on the ice, Rebecca was able to make comprehensive accommodations such as dedicated, non-crowded ice time and setting up a chair for students who did not feel comfortable bending over or who did not feel comfortable standing on the ice for an extended period of time.

The event was a great success in introducing people to sport in an inclusive environment and giving students the opportunity to try a new sport they would not otherwise have had the opportunity to do.

At Moresports BC, six sets of FloorCurl equipment were donated for use in their various sports programs at both locations. (Photo courtesy of Rock Solid Productions Inc.)

FloorCurl joins Moresports BC's programming offerings

At Moresports BC, six sets of FloorCurl equipment were donated for use in their various sports programs at both locations. In the winter, each of the multi-sport programs incorporated floor curling sessions into their programs, introducing children from kindergarten to fifth grade to the sport. In addition, they ran a winter camp and volunteer training course, attended by about 60 people.

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During their spring break camps, equipment was used throughout their Tri City locations, each with a Moresports BC Teen Coach facilitating a day-long introductory class. This allowed them to showcase the game of curling on the floor to about 150 children from kindergarten through seventh grade, and about 25 teens in the community.

This equipment was also used by a school teacher to guide her school of 300 children through a floor curling program during physical education lessons.

FloorCurl groups were the perfect way for Moresports to show how they are a fun and safe place to experience sports in their community. The donated equipment will allow Moresports to continue introducing youth of all ages to curling through their various sports programs.

Through the For the Love of Curling program and our partnership with Rock Solid Productions, we continue our commitment to growing the sport of curling and creating as many meaningful opportunities as possible for youth across the country, especially for those who may not have access to the game. . We couldn't do this without the support of Canada's curling community, and we can't wait to see the opportunities that arise next season.

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