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They looked under the Egyptian pyramids, the truth exceeds all scientists' imaginations

They looked under the Egyptian pyramids, the truth exceeds all scientists' imaginations

the Egyptian pyramids Science has yet to answer countless mysteries, but more and more unsolved questions are beginning to be clarified. Regarding the pyramids, in addition to construction, there is also a very important question which is why the pyramids were built exactly as they are now. Often, there are also different theories about its location.

According to one theory that comes up often, the location of the three pyramids is not a coincidence, as they point to the three stars in Orion's belt. Other ideas go even further when it comes to outer space.

But why are the three pyramids of Giza and their associated structures located in this particular place?

Hideous stone blocks protect Egyptian warehouses that have been closed for thousands of years and belonged to a giant port

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You can read in the magazine Communications Earth & Environment that they managed to find the answer to the question of why the pyramids were built next to each other in this small strip. According to them, the reason is more related to the Earth, and it is not necessary to find the explanation in the stars. Of course, it is also true that the two theories are practically not mutually exclusive.

By studying the dense concentration of pyramids, the experts primarily involved the Nile River in the research, the Nile River which has been meandering through the region for thousands of years, and to which Egyptian culture actually owes its existence.

The Nile was everything. It provides food and creates the necessary conditions for travel and transportation, and it is one of the largest rivers in the world. The Nile channels had changed over the centuries, and the area looked completely different. Nowadays, the main course of the river is also located kilometers from the pyramids, but once some branches of the river reached this far.

The Ahramat Branch ran here next to the pyramids, and the pyramids were located on its bank, so they were in direct contact with the Nile.

For this discovery, scientists, experts and specialists examined the underground (study of sediment layers), they also examined the layers beneath the pyramids, and they also used satellite images to make this great discovery.

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Here are the amazing buildings that line the Nile River to this day:

No more secrecy, they built Stonehenge

No more secrecy, they built Stonehenge

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