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Sun is in trouble: not only is he not really convincing the British, he is not convincing his own party members either

Sun is in trouble: not only is he not really convincing the British, he is not convincing his own party members either

The next parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom are still a long way off, in January 2025. Unless, of course, the current government collapses and surrenders, as a result of which early elections must be called.

Rishi Sunak’s position at the helm of the Cabinet does not appear secure at all. In her official resignation letter at the end of last August, British Member of Parliament Nadine Dorris – who was previously the Minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport as well as the Minister for Health – expressed her sharp position. attacks directed against the leader of the Conservative Party,

The Prime Minister was accused of effectively running a “zombie parliament” and lacking political vision.

The politician accused Sunak of taking office almost a year ago, but nothing of value has happened since then, and he has failed to make progress in any area.

Naturally, this can be considered a poetic exaggeration, as the current British Prime Minister can boast of many successful projects.

  • The Windsor Framework signed in February clearly brought a solution to the trade impasse in Northern Ireland.
  • began to develop a new image for Britain on the international stage,
  • Curb inflation and
  • The priority bill aimed at reducing illegal immigration was passed.

However, there is no doubt that those mentioned are only small, and in many cases just obvious successes, and it has not yet been determined whether they will be a solution to the problems mentioned in the long term.

The Northern Ireland dilemma has not gone away yet

The Windsor Framework, for example, seems to have brought a solution to the trade dilemmas, but not the political impasse in Northern Ireland.

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The radical Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland has been obstructing the formation of a government in Northern Ireland since the elections last May ended with the victory of the Catholic party Sinn Féin. In Northern Ireland, according to the Good Friday Agreement, there is a division of power between the sects: the winning party becomes prime minister, and the strongest party from the other sect can nominate a deputy prime minister from within its ranks. The DUP will be last this time, but sets practically impossible conditions.

One of their main requests was for Northern Ireland to appear as little as possible as an outsider within the United Kingdom. According to the expert who spoke to our newspaper earlier, it is clear that this is in fact just a political pretext, through which they can easily point to the agreement concluded with the European Union, while obstructing the work of the institutional system.

It is therefore not surprising that the Radical Party did not succumb to the influence of the Windsor Framework either. In the absence of regional governance, the British Parliament must also assume responsibilities for legislation in Northern Ireland.

Sun’s popularity is declining

This is also reflected in Sunak’s popularity. the POLITICO Through a public opinion poll he commissioned, it was revealed that according to two-thirds of respondents, Sunak had achieved “little” or nothing during his career as Prime Minister.

Sun’s support now stands at only 41 percent, and 59 percent of voters are dissatisfied with his work. In comparison, at the beginning of his career as Prime Minister, his support was still 52%, and 48% of voters were strongly critical of him.

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According to informed sources, the Prime Minister is confident that during next year’s campaign they will be able to win a sufficient number of voters to enable the conservatives to form a government again after the parliamentary elections.

One – to the Financial Times statement But the former minister doubts:

If Sun is as active and bold as he was as Finance Minister, it may be possible to win the next election. On the other hand, he is shy and depressed.

Political poll complex According to the Labor Party, they are currently supported by 45% of voters. As it stands, only 26% of voters will support the Conservatives.

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