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Shaun Murphy predicts who will win the Triple Crown races this season

Shaun Murphy predicts who will win the Triple Crown races this season

Murphy has already spoken about his World Championship goal, so it’s no wonder he’s also anticipating a big race win for himself.

It would be a huge sensation if his advice came true that he would be world champion in 2024. Not that he couldn’t do it, he’s a four-time Crucible Finalist and winner in 2005.

However, this particular date would make him extra special Murphy His victory, as it did not take long between winning two world championship titles. 15 years Mark Williams He achieved a breakout record when he reached the top of the snooker world for the third time in 2018, after finishing second in 2003.

The curious thing is that Murphy’s World Cup title, after 19 years, will not be as surprising at the end of this season as his success in Wales was five years ago. It cannot be ruled out that he will get the second.

For Murphy himself Keren WilsonIt also gives priority t. Wilson has played in the World Championship and Masters finals, but has yet to win a Triple Crown event. According to Murphy, Wilson will have his first major success of the season, as he picks up the Masters Cup.

Keren Wilson

Photo: World Snooker

“This season will see Kyren Wilson win his first Triple Crown. His style is really solid in all respects. I know he and his team are trying to improve his form in the majors. I think they will succeed this year and Kyren will win the Masters.”

Besides, I think the World Cup will be mine Stuart Bingham He’ll get the missing Triple Crown, he’ll get the UK Championship.”

Bingham became world champion in 2015 and masters winner in 2020. However, he has not won any points since the 2019 Gibraltar Open and has also dropped out of the top 16 in the world rankings.

Murphy’s triple tip pays out 6,000 times the money to the winner if someone bets on it at a tie, and of course it does. if entered.

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