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Index – Foreign Countries – Taiwan Put Elon Musk in his rightful place

Index – Foreign Countries – Taiwan Put Elon Musk in his rightful place

China conducted air and naval maneuvers around Taiwan this week. This military show of force around the island became almost routine for both nations. Taiwan said it had detected more than forty Chinese military aircraft and about ten ships.

This is not the first time that Elon Musk, who has business interests in China, has angered the Taiwan government with his comments. In October, he said tensions between Beijing and Taipei could be resolved by giving China some control over Taiwan.

He added that he believed the two governments could reach a “reasonably acceptable” agreement. According to Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s foreign minister, freedom is not for sale Posted on X it

I hope Elon Musk can also order CCP [Kínai Kommunista Párt]To open X for people.

Musk X’s microblogging platform, formerly known as Twitter, is banned in China.

Wu previously said that Chinese military exercises are aimed at influencing Taiwan’s elections in January. He said,

People’s republic of China [Kínai Népköztársaság] He made it clear that he wants to shape Taiwan’s upcoming national elections. Well, it’s up to our citizens to decide, not the tyrant next door

Musk’s electric car maker Tesla has a large manufacturing facility in Shanghai, and last visited the country in May. He met with senior Chinese officials, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Tesla is ready to expand its business in the country.

His visit attracted a lot of attention as relations between China and the United States reached their lowest levels in recent years. Despite the resumption of high-level dialogue, the two countries still disagree on a number of issues, including Taiwan, which has proven to be one of the biggest sources of conflict between them. The United States has long been a key ally of Taipei.