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I really enjoy the beach! To spray or not to spray? – Case report from Germany

I really enjoy the beach!  To spray or not to spray?  – Case report from Germany

I really enjoy the beach! To spray or not to spray? – Case report from Germany

The beach season has not just begun here. The sun is shining in Germany too and people like to splash around. But today this can only be said conditionally. Migrants form gangs and occupy swimming pools in Germany. Case report from reader Kristina Wagner.

the eXXpress Just last week, the so-called e-newspaper carried the following headlines: Sexual Assault of Syrian Refugee, Stabbing in Bathroom, Sexual Molestation of 12-Year-Old Girl, Group Brawl in Berlin’s Insulaner Bathroom, and more. More than 100 young people went to each other, a group of immigrants attacked the swimming coach, knocked out a tooth.

In Kiel, Baden-Württemberg, the beach is simply closed, but not only there. Columbabad workers in Berlin (i.e. the beach) cited an open letter to politicians. quotes: They spit on us, beat us and threaten us! According to an article in Berlin’s Tagesspiegel, swimming pool workers are afraid to go to work, and many prefer to contact the sick. Security and even the police are practically helpless in the face of the problem. The swimming pools are protected with barbed wire against those climbing over the fence, bags are checked on entry, but that doesn’t help much either.

Home Secretary Nancy Visser’s reaction is simply ironic:

A stronger police presence is needed, and I say this very forcefully.

Good! actually?

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