Video: A mysterious military vehicle appeared in the skies of Ukraine for the first time

As already mentioned, on Wednesday, Ukrainian military intelligence published photographic recordings of the possession of A UH-60A Black Hawk Multipurpose military helicopter. According to the video posted on Twitter, the Ukrainian special forces did not hesitate, and almost immediately put the helicopter, which cost nearly $6 million, into service.

The US-made helicopter was not previously included in any US military aid package. According to the information, the copy obtained by the GRU previously belonged to the US Army, but it was not delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Washington, but rather byThe purchases were provided with private financing.

Developed by Sikorsky, the UH-60s have previously served in numerous conflicts, including Iraq, Somalia, the Balkans, and Afghanistan. since The Black Hawks were originally designed for the troop transport role, so they do not have the wide armament of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopters.Some versions are equipped with only two 7.62 mm machine guns. Despite all this, Washington has so far refrained from delivering helicopters, and negotiations on this are not currently in the spotlight.

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