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This is how to sculpt an electric car from an existing model

This is how to sculpt an electric car from an existing model

The interior shows a mixed picture, with the exotic and simple leather-like seat covering and manually adjustable seat position quite different from the high-end equipment, which includes everything from matte chrome inserts to Chiliville moods in thousands of colours. light. On the other hand, the assembly really brings the quality we expect from a Mercedes, and you can feel the function of the switches and buttons, and the class assigned to them.

The black leather upholstery is sad

There is plenty of space for passengers in the front and back of the Mercedes electric recreational vehicle, and the seats in the back row can be moved on the rails, so you can decide whether the owner will create a larger luggage compartment or a more spacious living space in the back.

In front of the driver is a fully-rounded steering wheel, and behind him the necessary information is displayed by screens that serve the dashboard and the interior system. It consists of two screens, but still looks like a single unit. The graphics and dashboard content can of course be changed, and in addition to the classic widgets, you can also opt for completely futuristic graphics for those who are receptive to that. For me, the handling of the steering wheel's unstable, touch-sensitive surfaces doesn't feel very good. They look cool as hell, but setting anything up with them is a nightmare.

How to sculpt an electric car from an existing model 101

I can forget about these surfaces

The wireless phone charger compartment, from which a mid-sized phone can only be pulled out with difficulty when needed, is also strangely successful. On the other hand, I'm grateful for the real push-buttons on the light switch or climate control and volume control. You can find the door-mounted seat heating buttons after a bit of searching – it would have made more sense to place them around the climate control unit – and I only found the steering wheel heating button on the steering column by chance.

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This is how to sculpt an electric car from an existing Model 102

Mobile devices can be charged via two USB-C sockets in both seat rows – if the wireless option doesn't suit you – and the small and large compartments can be used to store small items that are absolutely necessary during the flight.

One of the most beautiful parts of the interior are the numerous circular air inlets. Not only are these stunning pieces that are particularly fun to handle, but they also indicate via their LED lights when someone has changed the set cabin temperature. Obviously it is not necessary for the air inlet to light up blue or red for a few seconds, depending on whether someone has changed the temperature down or up. Anyway, it's pretty amazing stuff.

This is how to sculpt an electric car from an existing Model 103

The air intakes move smoothly

Its internal system menu is very complex, and you can go into great depth, but its management is relatively simple, and the layout of menu items is logical. It was a particularly good move that by holding down the lower part of the volume control surface on the steering wheel, you can silence the damned thing of modern driving in two seconds, the system that squeaks loudly even when you exceed the speed limit by 1 km/h . It's true that you have to do this every time you start, but that's about it. After all, they could have hidden it deep in the menu, which can only be accessed after 5-6 clicks, as the Japanese are used to.

This is how to sculpt an electric car from an existing Model 104

A flat surface can be created after folding the backrests

The luggage space is 495 litres, which can be increased to 1,710 litres by folding the rear seat backrests. In addition to the usable size, it is also practical EQ The trunk, on both sides of the trunk is covered with soft and thick upholstery, there are mesh pockets and elastic fastening straps as well as bulky luggage fastening tabs. Naturally, it also has lighting, a bag hook and a 12V socket.

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