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Good preparation and few testimonials

Good preparation and few testimonials

Putnok FC will stick to the top ten to make spring quieter.

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In the Fall 21 match, he scored 22 points in NB III. Putnok FC in the Eastern Group. In the summer, the new manager, Balázs Fehér, takes over the management of the North Borsodians after the residency and county change due to the civic work of former coach Csaba Nagy.

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Balaz Fehir, who has been the association’s coach since June, began his statement to northern Hungary: “I have been in this position for half a year, and it quickly became clear that this task was much more difficult than playing football.” “But I’m not complaining, I feel good as a coach, it’s fun, assess opponents, prepare the team, discover tactics. I already got to know the field, the opponents, in the fall, because even though I was an NB III soccer player here before, As I played in a lower class after that, I missed about two seasons. During that time, the clubs and soccer players changed properly, so it took a few months to get to the picture with everything and everyone. I think the third grade mediator was accepted, and I was nothing but Many colleagues are familiar with my relationship with the other coaches, and we paid respect for each other during and at the end of the match.

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It will definitely be an unforgettable moment for the specialist that he was shown at Jászberény on October 4 in the 79th minute and Alitihad banned him for 4 matches.

Balaz Faheer added to the story, “I spoke to the judge, and I expressed my displeasure, but I never said such bad things.” – As it was stated in the report that I reluctantly left the square. Actually, I stopped by somewhere after I left the seat, but I already thought I was in the right place … I felt the ban on the four meetings was excessive, but the tuition fee was fine … during those few meetings some of them were discussed before the specific engagement And I tried to communicate with him from the platform as best he could.

He scored a few goals

The coach, born in 1986, also shared with Northern Hungary how he evaluated the first part of the tournament.

“I think realistically we have 5-6 points left, if that were the case, we’d be roughly in the center, around the 10th place, which we had planned in advance,” said Balaz Fahr. There are two components to this failure. In the middle of the season, I saw mental exhaustion in the team, everything came together, there were injuries and poor performance as well. Because of what it was pointed out, we were very few, trained ten times, and were in some tournaments. And we shouldn’t ignore the fact that we scored a few goals so here it is, we have our shortcomings. We need to be more focused, clearer, and more determined in front of the gate.

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With important matches

Winter preparations will begin at the PFC on Wednesday, January 13th, and the first match will be played in the spring on February 28.

“There are plans to prove this, and it must be strengthened, and the team will fit in one or two centers,” said Balaz Faheer. – If everyone is healthy, the number will be adequate, but identifying 3-4 people will be beneficial to the team. The league is so intense, nobody wants to be knocked out, we definitely want to avoid having to reconsider until the last round. The alleged stay without a bone would be the fourteenth place, where we are now, but it would be better to move forward, and stick to the top ten so that our spring is calmer. We will start with two important matches right away, SBTC and Mezőkövesd II. In return, I would be happy if we could get as many points as possible … I think the expected result can be achieved, we don’t need big things, just good professional preparation and these few additional certifications.

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Currently, six preparatory meetings have been organized for the Botnock family. They are still looking for an opponent in the main rehearsal, a week before the league starts, and at the weekend, however, District Class I and NB II. So if the weather doesn’t interfere, it will. It is a pity to choose a party from their own group, but the manager is not enthusiastic about it, he is sure that this problem will be solved soon.

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(Cover photo: Botnokia is knocked out 3-1 in Fozysjarmat)

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