He won, but did not approach the tenth place in Dr.

He won, but did not approach the tenth place in Dr.

DVTK Polar Bears in the Slovak International Hockey Championship defeated Team Banska Bystrica 3–2 on penalties, but were unable to reduce their score defect compared to 10th place, because Gergely Majoross had Nové Zámky’s win with Gergely Majoross.

Karol Chaney’s goal against the Banska Bystrica people (Photo: Northern Hungary / Ádám János)


One of the season’s champions, if not the most important, waited for the DVTK polar bears Sunday night against direct rival Banska Bystrica. The confrontation promised to be a watershed: with another imprecise defeat at Miskolc, the math chance would have remained to catch up to 10th, which was still in the “semi-finals”, but in practice the polar bears could have dropped more than ten points from Banská Bystrica and Majoross.

Apparently, the Hungarian case didn’t help that starting point kings Kyle Osterberg and Rockali Szilard could not be available at the moment, but the start went well: After a party, Jack Walker grabbed the imp and set off the show in the offensive third. Then he scored such a goal with his back. It’s on the top right so it fits in the palm too.

Shortly thereafter, the Slovak formula was out of nowhere. In the 16th minute, the Miskolc people did not exchange the best, which is quite a luxury in their position, so Martin Vasco-Rodas suddenly stumbled into an empty spot, and Attila Adorgan played asparagus to no avail, the 20-year-old Slovak first year finished singles with a goal.

At the end of the third, there was a opinion fair in Miskolc, but DVTK coach, Victor Tokage, didn’t have to be upset for long. Standing at a disadvantage, János Vas waited for the perfect moment as a statue of patience, and a lovely crossover to Karol Csányi who arrived well in front of the baseline – DVTK took the lead with a human flaw!

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However, in the middle third, Banska Bistrica actually took advantage of the fort, and although DVTK could have scored three points in the last minute, they managed to take two points in the penalty shootout after the excitement in overtime. Thus, his situation is not hopeless, but it is not rosy either: in the remaining seven rounds, he will have to work to lose ten points against his tough opponents against Novi Zamky’s duo, Banska Bystrica.

Slovak League, primary division
DVTK POLAR BEAR – HC ’05 BANSKÁ BYSTRICA (Slovak) 3–2 (2–1, 0–1, 0–0 .0–0) – with shot
Behind closed gates. Fifth: Corpa, Urolin, Janija, Ordzovsky (Slovak)
DVTK: ADORJÁN A. – WEHRS, Fredriksson – SZIRÁNYI B., Kiss D. – Steam, Láda B. – Vojtkó, Hadobás; Walker 1, Vas J. (1), Anderson (1) – CSÁNYI 1, Galanisz, Magosi B. – Miskolczi, Rundqvist, Lövei – Ritó, Galajda. Fitness Trainer: Tokage Victor
B. Bystrica: BELÁNYI – Breton, Crevier-Morin – Cardwell, Datelinka – ZIJAK (1), Bdzoch – Ganz, Mlynarovic; Sukel, B. IHNACÁK 1 (1), FASKO-RUDÁS 1 – Kabác, Tamási, Lamper (1) – Vasas, Sojka, D’Aoust – K. Gabor, Dvorsky, Vyhonsky. Fitness Trainer: Tuukka Poikonen
Exhibitions: 14, respectively. 12 minutes
Gate shots: 26-27
Main balance sheet
Tokaji Vector:
“It was a good fight, and that’s the point of hockey.” We also managed to win the Sunday after Friday, which shows our personality. It seems that within sixty minutes we will have a chance against anyone, thus keeping our hopes alive.
Touka Boykonen: – It was a very balanced game. I’m sorry we took advantage of our human advantage in the wrong ratio, and we should definitely improve on that. We deserved that point, but I’m sad that we couldn’t fight for the win in normal play time.

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More results today: Kosice – Nitra 3-1, Ditva – Slovan Bratislava 3-4, L. Mikulas – Novi Zamky 1–3, Poprad – Mikhalovce 2–3, Zvolin – Trencin 2–3

Tournament status
M GY HGY HV Fifth L-k guard s
1. Elected 43 22 7 6 8 147-108 +39 86
2. Poprad 43 23 6 3 11 162-109 +53 84
3. Ducla Michalovce 43 22 7 4 10 134-100 +34 84
4. Slovan Bratislava 43 23 5 3 12 128-100 +28 82
5. Nitra 43 20 3 7 13 139–141 -2 73
6. Detva 43 19 4 5 15th 134-123 +11 70
7. Trencín 43 19 4 4 16 147-113 +34 69
8. Kosice 43 16 7 3 17 126-109 +17 65
9. Novi Zamki 43 12 4 6 21 109-119 – 10 50
10. Banska Bistrica 43 12 5 4 22 116-148 –32 50
11. DVTK polar bears 43 9 3 7 24 100–153 –53 40
12. Liptovsky Mikulas 43 6 3 34 93–212 – 119 18

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