Terranova won Friday, and Al-Attiyah increased his advantage in the boat

Terranova won Friday, and Al-Attiyah increased his advantage in the boat

After 2015, Orlando Terranova won the stage again in Dakar. The Argentine was faster than Ekström by more than a minute. Matthias Walkner won the motorcyclists ahead of Brabec and Klein.

In the 348-kilometer special section intended for motorists, the first place has changed several times. Sainz, Al-Rajhi and Al-Attiyah also drove, but after Toyota Al-Attiyah slowed after slowing the last 120 km, the Terranova It was received first place.

In second place, Ekström made it to the end of the race in Rygadi, taking the best out of the Audi RS Q e-tron. Al-Rajhi finished third with a difference of one minute and 49 seconds. Al-Attiyah finished only 10th at the end, but his supremacy in the boat continued to grow as Loeb lost and lost over 20 minutes. It also meant that he was no longer in second place except Al-Rajhi. The difference between the two was six seconds, but Al-Attiyah’s advantage increased to 50 minutes.

The motorcycle race was halted after 101 kilometers due to the condition of the track. Danilo Petrucci fell at the start of the division but managed to keep going. Ross Branch also fell, but was in so much pain with his bruising that he had to be taken to the hospital. Walkner won the choppy day ahead of Brabec and Klein.

Matthias Falkner, Photo: Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Among truck drivers, Karginov took the lead in the third stage. Sotnikov and Nikolaev followed him, then Loprais came fourth with Prague. In the boat, Sotnikov is ten minutes ahead of Nikolaev.

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