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David Fickett hasn’t even been released from prison, but he’s already started over

David Fickett hasn’t even been released from prison, but he’s already started over

Black David He is not resting, at the beginning of the summer there were reports of this With his newfound freedom, he tries to re-establish his music career. This is why he worked so hard these past monthsHe has shot music videos and written songs. David again on August 19th after a long absence He got the chance to perform in his hometown. And on Friday, his fans got to watch his first new music video, in which the singer also gave a short thank you to those who trusted him and helped him start over.

He frantically prepared to establish a musical career. (Photo: Sandor Pancotti)

The song’s lyrics also seem to refer to him as the singer You want to leave the past behind and move towards a happier and brighter futureWhich is what fans also discovered in the song!

Sometimes the song helps

Sometimes he flies from the ground to the sky

Get up and walk, you’ll have wings to fly

You just have to trust and believe that this is right for you too!

I saw scattered, colored tears

I saw too many broken hearts

He was surrounded by many emotions, and there was a mark around him

That life is hard and you have to fight through it.

David sings.

It’s real under the video A tsunami of comments beganAll commentators admired the singer, but there were also those who indicated that they were angry with him.

But I’m mad at you, with that talent and that voice. In the many years I’ve enjoyed cars, how many songs could you have composed… wrote the angry commentator.

He entered the stage with excitement and anxiety

David Fickett on August 19th After a long pause, he was able to take the stage again. The former superstar enthusiastically set out to provide his fans with the best possible entertainment.

– I was a little worried, as I did not know how the audience would receive me after what happened to me. Before I got on stage, people greeted me with clapping, whistling and shouting. I felt it when I gave a big concert that year after Megastar. Experiencing it again after a three-year hiatus, on such a big stage, was an amazing feeling David said.

Not surprising, after all Thousands of people gathered In front of the stage to see their favorite again and sing with him.

David Fickett has written many songs (Photo: Bors/Sándor Bánkúti)

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