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You can almost feel the atmosphere of the second regime change

You can almost feel the atmosphere of the second regime change

The reason for the “stumbles” of Tessa's party is the lack of pre-prepared plans and constructions prepared in dark rooms. “It is the momentum, the mood and the cohesion of the people that drives this engine,” said reformist priest Zoltan Tarr, a candidate for the TISA representative in the European Parliament for the TISA party. ATV straight talk In his presentation.

According to Tarr, what is happening in the country now is a “huge storm” in which well-intentioned people, inexperienced in politics, are trying to move forward on the basis of morals and convictions. Regarding their candidacy for membership in the European Parliament, he spoke about the fact that in their careers they have gained significant experience in boards, committees and other areas, so they know how to work as representatives in society.

Regarding the identity of the TISA party, he said that it was clear from the statements of Peter Magyar and other members that they could not be compared to the grouping that today is called the left, nor the right. Their program is being developed, they are working on it, and according to Magyar, he is visiting the countryside to gain experience. He spoke about the fact that the interest that has developed towards them is threatened with extinction, meaning that there is fear among people. “We know many people who went to another settlement to meet Peter, because they do not dare to live in their own settlement.” But they feel it

There is a joyful expectation in people, “almost changing the regime for the second time is what the mood feels like”

He said. Regarding Zoltan Balogh, Tarr said the stated goal of his April 6 appearance was to talk about Balogh and the intertwining of politics and the church. According to him, the failure of the Synod held two weeks ago to take a position on his issue is notable and disappointing. He hopes Balog will back down voluntarily. “Zoltan is also a sensitive and spiritual person, a priest who takes his vocation seriously,” he said. He hopes to change his current position and also leave his position as bishop.

Zoltan Tarr, a former Reform priest and former Synod advisor, became nationally known after he spoke at Peter Magyar's April 6 demonstration in Kossuth Square. There he spoke about how he found unacceptable the actions of Reformed Bishop Zoltan Balogh and his behavior since the outbreak of the Grace scandal. A few days after the demonstration, Tarr was fired from his job at the non-profit Newman Janus Foundation, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Economic Affairs. According to him, his dismissal was clearly politically motivated. This was not denied by Tamas Mintzer, communications director of the Fidesz party.

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