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What is the meaning of true love?

What is the meaning of true love?

The film “True Love” consists of a mixture of several stories, because director Richard Curtis wanted to show the diversity of love. In recent years, Curtis has actually stated that he regrets that he thought so single-mindedly about the subject at the time, which is also justifiable, because in the spirit of diversity, the film only features heterosexual couples, who only have one significant non-white character (which is (It's not even on the famous movie poster that shows ten actors).

The director originally wanted to combine 14 stories in the film, for example, the story of the strict school principal, who takes care of her seriously ill friend after she returns home from work. Curtis has since lamented that this scene ended up in the trash, as it could have really added to the film's value, although sadness still has a place in the story.

That's exactly what's interesting about “Love Actually,” that it has incomplete love, cheating, and we don't just get great love hidden in Christmas clothes. On the other hand, it was also said in the broadcast that even if the film wants to present the non-foam side of life, it does not deal with showing a human relationship for more than a quarter of an hour, which results in leaving a large void for the viewer and does not reveal the emotions of the characters.

However, the film contains one or two scenes that stick in people's minds, such as: Emma Thompson necklaceWhich a lot of people have been talking about for 20 years now. Alan Rickman, who died seven years ago, played her husband, who broke up with his colleague and wanted the jewel for her. When Thompson realized under the Christmas tree that he had just received a CD as a gift, he silently cried to the tunes of Joni Mitchell. She shows her pain so authentically that the viewer's heart almost aches, but in Curtis's direction, it is not clear whether her husband has actually betrayed her, or if it is just a necklace of great importance.

It was such an integral part of British culture that Curtis believed that now-outdated jokes that might upset some people could be included in the film. For example, when the old rock star says that “Britney Spears was a very weak number,” the constant fattening of Martine McCutcheon, who plays the Prime Minister's secretary, while she is an actress with a perfectly average body shape, and the boss – no relationship is depicted. Subordinates in a very healthy way Also, why it was good for Curtis to save these things, we wrote in more detail here on the telex.

However, despite its popularity, the film has many tangled threads that do not make sense, but we are still trying to untangle the film's enduring success.

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