The all-new DAF XD series, which was developed primarily for regional cargo transportation needs, has received an important update. The model that was selected as “Truck of the Year 2023” is now also available with the Paccar MX-7 diesel engines. Until now, the XD series was available with 300-450 hp engines from the MX-11 block.

One of the best benefits of this decision is that the MX-7 diesels are 600 kilograms lighter than the stated ones. In other words, operators can obtain higher load capacity for certain specifications. Or they could simply cut their fuel expenses.

This award-winning truck has received an important update1

The power plants of the new MX-7 6.7-liter inline-six have been completely redesigned. The lightweight engine features an extremely strong graphite-iron block, cast-iron cylinder heads, new low-friction pistons and an all-new high-performance turbocharger and turbocharger.

The novelty is available in four power levels – 230 hp (167 kW), 260 hp (189 kW), 290 hp (212 kW) and 310 hp (227 kW). The Dutch manufacturer emphasized in particular with regard to these engines that “for excellent fuel efficiency and driver comfort, maximum torque is available even at very low engine speed”.

Paccar MX-7 powerplants come standard with a fully automatic eight-speed PowerLine transmission. Optionally, the new DAF XD can be ordered with a peak 200 kW engine brake (PX Engine Brake).