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In the end, Volvo will actually produce a multi-purpose vehicle

In the end, Volvo will actually produce a multi-purpose vehicle

It might come as a surprise that Volvo introduced its first MPV model long after the segment had fallen out of fashion, but the technical underpinnings of the EM90 were almost taken for granted, so why not?

For a long time, safe family cars have been the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Volvo, so it might come as a surprise that, in addition to countless station wagons, the Swedish brand didn’t have a compact model even when the sedan segment really took off.

Minivans have so far disappeared, so it might be more surprising if Volvo introduces one so soon.

Volvo presents the first MPV in its history with an abbreviated trailer and a single photo. In the brand’s new model naming scheme, the model named EM90 can only be seen from above at the moment, and in addition to the double roof window, we can spot the distinctive T-shaped taillights and the illuminated type mark written in the middle.

His unusual decision can be explained by the fact that the technical fundamentals were almost taken for granted, so why couldn’t Volvo have been able to build a spacious and comfortable MPV? One of Geely’s new brands, the Zeekr minibus, can provide technical content. The Cube-shaped Zeekr 009 is a single seater 5.2m long, made entirely with an electric motor.

In the base model of the Zeekr 009, a 272-horsepower electric motor drives the rear wheels, and in the all-wheel-drive version there’s also an electric motor in the front, with a combined output of 541 horsepower. Either way, the battery output is 140 kWh, which promises impressive range: 800 km according to the most lenient Chinese calculations.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for Volvo’s first multi-purpose vehicle, the EM90 to be presented only on November 12, which promises atmosphere and comfort in a Scandinavian-style living room with its equipment. Its distribution will start in China, and it is not known if it will reach other parts of the world. However, it wouldn’t be unprecedented, as Lexus also began European distribution of its first minivan, the LM.

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