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There are several thousand fewer full-time teachers, but an increasing number of part-time teachers

There are several thousand fewer full-time teachers, but an increasing number of part-time teachers

March 30, 2024 – 08:39

Within three years, the number of full-time employees in public education has decreased by more than 5,000 employees, according to reports People's word Based on data from the General Education Information System.

While the number of full-time teachers was 132,084 in fall 2020, in 2021 it will be only 131,233, and in 2022 it will be 129,170. Based on data from last October, their numbers have declined even further: there are only 126,966 full-time workers.

On the other hand, the number of part-time workers is increasing year after year. In October 2020, only 12,528 teachers worked in this model, and in 2023 there will be two thousand more, 14,752. The number of contract teachers who teach lessons rose slightly between 2020 and 2023: their number rose from 11,896 to 12,473. The number of part-time workers directly supporting teaching and learning work jumped by three thousand people: in October 2020, 38,304 people worked in this role, In October 2023 there were already 41,485 people.

The number of full-time workers is constantly decreasing due to…

Every year more people reach retirement age than teachers enter the field as new graduates

Or he may return to work after a period of rest. According to the organization's data, 4,939 teachers reached the retirement age of 65 years last year, while according to the Education Office's data, a total of 2,231 novices started working in September 2023. According to Totic, the number of part-time workers may have decreased since last October, because at that time the There are still those who have not accepted the terms of the Personal Status Law.

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In January, it was revealed Decree implementing the status law as of January For this reason, teachers who work primarily in the lower grades (grades 1-4) of primary schools may be assigned teaching duties until the end of primary school, i.e. until the eighth grade.

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