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The next big add-on, Endwalker, is late, but at least we got an exciting preview

The next big add-on, Endwalker, is late, but at least we got an exciting preview

Long-awaited Final Fantasy XIV add-on, Endwalker, delayed two weeks, and American IGN. Thus, the next major chapter of the MMORPG will only be released on December 7, 2021, while the early access period will begin on December 3. We can expect two updates (6.01 and 6.05) after Endwalker arrives on December 21 and January 4, respectively. On the other hand, the launch trailer has already been made available, which indicates that this add-on will close a larger chapter.

Yoshida Naoki, director and producer of FFXIV, shared the news of the delay with fans in a message. In it, he apologized to the “Warriors of Light” and explained that although there were many reasons for the slip up, the primary reason was his “selfishness” for which he took responsibility. The problem, he said, was that he was trying to be a director and producer at the same time, and that “I can’t hold back my desire to further improve the quality of Endwalker.” With this addition shutting down the game’s “first big saga”, Yoshida felt the team had to keep up with it until the end, so “the smallest nuances” were adjusted and this “huge and complex storyline” game was made sure to date “even the smallest details are taken into account. These are The first time in Yoshida’s career that the previously announced release date has been postponed.

Final Fantasy XIV was originally released in 2010, but its first version was not very popular, in 2013, under the leadership of Yoshida, it was re-created with the subtitle The Realm Reborn. This release was already such a hit that FFXIV has become one of the most popular MMORPGs today, reaching 24 million registered players by October 2021. With this, this game has become the most profitable piece of the series.

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The Endwalker will be an especially important addition for gamers as this is where they close the story that Realm Reborn started for that year. Also new is the availability of two new functions (character classes): Healing Sage and Melee, and Reaper.

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