Monster Hunter Rise has got a new demo and it was revealed when Stories 2 comes along

Monster Hunter Rise has got a new demo and it was revealed when Stories 2 comes along

For fans of the Monster Hunter series, Capcom was full of good news. On the other hand, the publisher announced that, starting March 11th, it will provide a new beta from Rise, which will debut in the future on PC, but is coming to Switch at the moment, which anyone can download from an online store. The beta will be an expanded variation of the version that has already been introduced, giving us a very difficult new task, according to the official description, the “specialty” of Rise, Magnamalos and work on Capcomos will have to be cut and its function is to give names to various runes. With this demo, we can then beat the time until the premiere on March 26th, after which we suspect the hybrid console sales charts won’t relate to anything else for a while.

However, not only did the company talk about Rise, it also talked about the continuation of the surprisingly successful Pokémon-like Monster Hunter Stories game. The new episode of the product, which achieved great success in 2017 and originally arrived on 3DS and later on iOS and Android devices worldwide (that is, in conjunction with the Japanese version), will arrive on July 9, 2020. According to the story of the game, which will debut on PC plus the Switch, all Rathalos will inexplicably disappear from the world, we will have to solve this puzzle, while of course we discover the world as a mythical “monster” and we don’t have to say goodbye to the turn-based combat system.

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So Monster Hunter Rise will appear on the Nintendo Switch on March 26th, while Monster Hunter Stories will arrive on July 9, 2021 – as well as hybrid consoles, also on PC.

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