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The legendary Nokia 3310 is 23 years old

The legendary Nokia 3310 is 23 years old

About 23 years ago, in September 2000, the Nokia 3310 was introduced, which brought many innovations compared to its predecessor, the 3210, including an updated design and system. The phone was a huge success, with over 120 million sold, and its long runtime and durability are still legendary.

With its 5-line monochrome display and a resolution of 84 x 48 pixels, the Nokia 3310 was very cool for its time. It can store 250 contacts, has a calendar, alarm clock, and stopwatch, as well as games like Snake II, Space Impact, Bantumi, and Pairs II.

The phone’s design wasn’t overly flashy, but it could be made unique with several replaceable front and back panels, and editing our own ringtones expanded our possibilities.

With its built-in 900mAh replaceable battery, the phone was almost non-dischargeable, but it was mostly known for its durability. Even without the case, we could have dropped it on any hard surface, the back cover blew off and the battery fell out, but the phone was just fine, and after a quick assembly and power on, it kept working.

There have been many funny pictures about the indestructible Nokia 3310, here are some of them:

When the iPhone and Nokia fall

Bending with iPhone and Nokia

He was (also) a runtime champion

Sorry, I accidentally dropped my Nokia 3310

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In 2017, a modernized version of the phone was also released, and the new model later got a 3G and 4G version, but it wasn’t as successful as the original 3310, which sold 126 million units in the four years since its release. a year before he retired.

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