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The largest monster hunt has begun in Loch Ness in recent years

The largest monster hunt has begun in Loch Ness in recent years

The largest expedition in the past 50 years has begun to find the Loch Ness Monster. The scientific search began on Saturday in the Scottish Highlands, as researchers and fans from around the world braved the rain to try and find the elusive Nessie.

to solve the puzzle

The mission deployed drones equipped with thermal sensors, and ships equipped with infrared cameras and underwater speakers to try to unravel a mystery that has captivated the world for generations.
There is no corner of the world where people have not heard of Nessie, but still one of the biggest questions is what is the Loch Ness monster? Paul Nixon, director general of the Loch Ness Centre, suggested to AFP what the center would do Science alert Scientific portal quotes online. ¬– I don’t know what it is, there’s just something big in Loch Ness that I’ve seen in sonar images with objects the size of a pickup truck moving underwater.

The iconic image that made the Loch Ness Monster famousSource: Wikimedia Commons

The visit coincided with the research of 21-year-old Tatiana Yeboah, a tourist from France, who said visiting Loch Ness had been her longtime dream. As he says , Maybe it’s a legend, maybe the monster’s existence is real, but he likes to think the truth lies somewhere between the two.Yeboah said he would keep an eye on the lake throughout his visit just to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

Hundreds of records

Members of the research team believe that thermal scanners could be key to identifying strange anomalies at murky depths. With the help of a hydrophone, they can also hear unusual sounds similar to those of Nessie underwater.

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Loch Ness is 36 kilometers long and 240 meters deep. The freshwater lake is the largest lake in the United Kingdom by volume.

Reports of a water monster lurking in Loch Ness date back to ancient times, while stone carvings in the area depict a mysterious finned monster. The earliest written record of the creature dates back to AD 565, in a biography of the Irish monk Saint Columba.

Reconstruction of the Loch Ness MonsterSource: Wikimedia Commons

According to the text, the monster attacked a swimmer and was about to attack again when Columba ordered him to retreat.In May 1933, the local Inverness Courier newspaper reported that a couple driving along a newly built lakeside road saw a “terrible turmoil” in the water. And according to the Loch Ness Center in Drumnadrochit, near Inverness, there are now more than 1,100 of these waves. Officially recorded Nessie sightings.

They can’t find it

Scientists and amateurs have been trying for years to find conclusive evidence that large fish, such as sturgeon, lived at the bottom of the lake.

However, according to some, the monster could be a prehistoric marine reptile, such as a plesiosaurus.

Could the Loch Ness monster be a plesiosaur?Source: Agence France-Presse

But let’s look at a little history! In 1972, the Loch Ness Detective Agency embarks on its largest search operation yet, but returns empty-handed. In 1987, the so-called Operation Deepscan spread sonar equipment across the lake and claimed to have found an “unidentified object of extraordinary size and strength,” which is what organisms can live in water.
However, experts did not find any traces of plesiosaurs or other similar large animals, and the results indicated the presence of many snakes.According to Nixon, this expedition will give them the opportunity to explore the waters in a way they’ve never done before, and they “can’t wait to see what they find.”

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