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Index – Culture – The scandal is growing, and more and more people are speaking out

Index – Culture – The scandal is growing, and more and more people are speaking out

As mentioned, a scandal broke out following the awarding of the grand literary prize of €35,000 to the House of World Culture (HKW), because according to two arbitrators, ideology was more important than literary quality. When the award is presented.

The scandal also has a Hungarian side, as the candidates included the Hungarian Kosuth Prize-winning writer, Peter Nadas, who… Horror stories He entered the ring to receive the prestigious award with his book.

a sample The Art Portal highlighted that the two jury members who criticized the conduct of the competition, Julien Liebert and Ronia Osman, said that although Nadas's work was the best book, because he is a “distinguished white author,” the other jury members were not. Willing to be recognized for his work.

When Julianne Liebert spoke alongside the Hungarian writer, one of the judges jumped up and screamed.

As a white woman, you have nothing to say here anyway

Lippert's got that.

Hungarian writers and poets reacted

Following the scandal, the first local reactions appeared on social media, unanimously condemning the politically inspired action of the jury.

“It is ridiculous and outrageous,” Sandor Meszaros, president of Kaligram Publishing, said on his Facebook page.

A case study of how to overcome political brain fog in literature. Now it's a very progressive leftist brainstorm, if sheer insanity wasn't enough

– said writer Christian Nyari, Creative Director of Líra Könyv Zrt.

Poet Levente Pal Daniel added: “Literature versus hyper-wokeness.”

The poet János Kurdi Fehr wrote: “How ‘politics’ got under our tongues, and could no longer be swallowed or spit out.”

(Cover image: Peter Nadas. Photo: Zoltan Balogh/MTI)