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The kayak center built with world-class solutions is nearing completion

The kayak center built with world-class solutions is nearing completion

At the end of January, after nearly two years of preparation, the first stainless steel elements of the countercurrent pool arrived at the Katalin Kovacs National Kayak and Canoe Academy in Socorro. The device developed by Germany ensures, in a way that is almost unique in the world, that Hungarian athletes can train and develop at competitive speed and under competitive conditions, regardless of the season or weather. The 97,000 square meter sports center has been under construction since November 2021 on the banks of the Venice lagoon in WHB In its implementation: In addition to preparing competitors and training substitutes, it will also provide sporting opportunities for schools in the area.

The useful floor area of ​​the buildings in the sports center is about 27 thousand square meters. The area of ​​the main building alone is more than 19 thousand square meters, and includes a swimming and sports hall, as well as a kitchen that serves 400 people, a restaurant, a conference hall, a medical diagnostic laboratory, as well as residence and office buildings.

The latest technology helps you prepare

In April 2023, WHB Management and German company Technisches Zentrum (TZ) signed a contract for the production and construction of the current counter pool in Socorro. WHB carefully prepared the separate, customized part of the boat house to receive the elements of the special steel swimming pool, so that after on-site inspection by German specialists, its assembly and on-site concreting could begin in February this year.

Thanks to the unique architectural solutions of the specialists of WEST HUNGÁRIA BAU Kft., the technological device for preparing athletes was installed in a separate part of the boat house building.

In the private pool, an artificial water current of up to 6 m/s can be generated, which not only creates competitive conditions for athletes during training, but is also suitable for carrying out exercise physiology tests at any time during preparation. At Socor, not only academic training for kayak and canoe sports is carried out, but all this is accompanied by significant sports diagnostic development work.

In the building complex with an area of ​​​​about 6,000 square meters, in addition to the anti-current swimming pool, a measuring center, a rowing track and a boat storage area with an area of ​​745 square meters will be created.

The dock is waterproof, and interior professional work is currently underway. The advanced phased delivery has allowed the Academy to store its fleet of ships in the first networks already this winter. The structural construction of the targeted tower buildings has also been completed, and specialists are currently working on construction and waterproofing work.

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Competitors in one of our most successful Olympic sports have access to a world-class training centre

Hungarians regularly give outstanding performances in world kayak and canoe competitions.

After fencing, our athletes have won the largest number of Olympic medals, a total of 86 medals, competing in these disciplines for our country.

A world-class training center is being built in Socorro, named after three-time Olympic champion and 31-time world kayaker champion Katalin Kovacs. In addition to the academic training base, a methodological center will also be established on the shores of Lake Velence. It was recently announced that the World University Kayak and Canoe Championships will be held here in 2026.

We will report on the implementation of the Foundation from the moment the Ministry of Construction and Transport entrusted the general design and construction tasks to WEST HUNGARIA BAU Kft., which submitted the best bid in public procurement, and then laid the foundation stone for the Foundation. The Academy was established in November 2021.

Construction work for the (approx) 19,000 square meter main building is nearing completion

According to our newspaper's information, construction work will reach its final stage in the spring of 2024, regarding the main building and the event venue. The main building and back rooms are almost completely finished. The atrium is a high-ceilinged space, and the multi-layered and plastered wooden ceiling structure that provides a private view is supported by circular columns with a diameter of 80 cm and columns of 50 x 70 cm. Structural construction works for the large-scale project are Ibszerk-Pannonia Invest Ltd. (ÉPI) And the Sanco-EP Kft. Performed as a subcontractor.

The reception, buffet and service rooms are located in the lobby. The latter is created in a “cocoon” on two levels, surrounded by curved timber cladding of variable radius. Installation of glass art on the interior side walls, on the cut brick wall cladding, will begin soon.

The environment can begin to be arranged

In the conference and kitchen parts of the building, in addition to the interior side wall coverings, special false ceilings have also been completed. Here too, the contractor uses document management software BauApp to list errors. Work on the offices and water complexes is also nearing completion.

The finishing touches are also being put on the exterior of the main building, and the scaffolding has been dismantled, so the arrangement of the environment and the final design of the piers, vegetable islands and parking lots can begin.

The starting stones for the pool have already been laid

In the complex's gym, the parquet surface was finished in December, and basketball, volleyball and handball courts can be built. At the same time, the hall also has a mobile platform that can accommodate 210 people. In the swimming pool, paving and mechanical work for the ten-lane competition pool, 50 meters long, and the 15-meter teaching pool, were completed, and the starting stones were laid. In addition to the 260-seat stands, the swimming pool is connected to the changing rooms and wellness area. The latter is already at a high level of readiness.

Special rooms were built to create conditions for high-altitude training

The atrium with an internal garden, community and club rooms and classrooms is also connected to the distribution spaces at ground level that connect the building blocks, further enriching the functional scope of the building. In the so-called Kerengő part of the building, the artwork has been completed, and they are currently working on building the inner atrium garden.

In the two-story dormitories and open apartment wings of the main building, about 66 dormitories are waiting for young talents, 5 rooms are fully accessible, and another 10 rooms will be suitable for athletes in wheelchairs. Heating has already been completed and commissioned in the residence hall, and the rooms are currently being furnished.

The so-called 8-room Hypoxico high-rise has been completely completed. Technological equipment that simulates high-altitude air was installed here on behalf of Hypoxiko. The essence of this method is to create environmental conditions as if the athletes were training in high mountains, in an environment with a lower oxygen content. Training and regeneration in the air at high altitudes increases the body's uptake and transport of oxygen, thus improving the physical performance of athletes.

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The construction of outdoor sports fields also began

Extensive work is also underway in the area between the buildings. Facilities, bedding and paving were completed in an area estimated at tens of thousands of square metres. After landscaping and planting plants, several sports fields will be constructed on an area of ​​about 137,000 square metres, including artificial turf football fields, rubber-covered running tracks, basketball courts, standard fitness gardens, and tennis courts that can be covered periodically. Part of the project is the construction of a spacious indoor car park with capacity for 254 spaces, an outdoor car park with capacity for 230 spaces and associated roads. The academy could be fully completed by the second half of this year.

What is being built?West Hungary BAU Kft.SocorroKatalin Kovacs National Kayak and Canoe AcademyportCountercurrent poolcollegeÉpszerk-Pannónia Invest Kft.Sanko Ib Kft.
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