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10 things we think are signs of intelligence

10 things we think are signs of intelligence

The truth is that the mind does not depend on these people.

Intelligence is one of the human qualities that many appreciate, so most of us try to show ourselves as (smarter). Although this psychological concept is still generally understood to refer to verbal and logical skills, in 1993, Harvard psychology professor Howard Gardner debunked the classic concept of intelligence as the ability to think logically.

The basis of the theory of multiple intelligences is that there are many types of intelligence that complement each other to varying degrees.

Gardner’s seven categories are as follows

  • Verbal linguistic intelligence
  • Logical/mathematical intelligence
  • Visual/spatial intelligence
  • Musical intelligence
  • Movement/body intelligence
  • Personal intelligence
  • Personal intelligence

While traditional intelligence tests can predict academic performance relatively well, long-term career development and success in daily life much less so. That is why we should not be upset if we do not score as high on such tests as we expected. Gardner created seven categories, but these categories can also overlap, complement, or balance each other; It is very rare for someone to belong completely to one of them. (We discussed intelligence variables in more detail in this previous article.)

Perhaps it is clear from the above that intelligence is not a specific thing, as it is affected by many things (even a specific situation). However, there are some things we can do to create the impression that we are smarter than we actually are.

We think it’s a sign of intelligence, but…

the On Reddit One user, Indianfattie, asked what are the things that make us – often wrongly – assume that another person is intelligent, when in fact they have nothing to do with each other. Naturally, many answers were received, including A Poke He singles out the most striking ones, which of course can easily be argued as to whether they actually are.

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“He’s the boss” – Ifyouhav2ask

“Silence. I’ve been told so many times that I’m observant and a deep thinker, when I can’t really figure out what to say, haha.” – Theme Parks

“Arrogance disguised as confidence.” – Othmani

“Riches.” – Richard you

“Rich vocabulary.” – jinxes_are_pretend

“Good memory. Sure, a good memory is useful and often indicates intelligence, but just because you can absorb information doesn’t mean you understand it or can think critically about things.” – Potato 4 Chips

“age.” – wife

“Speak quickly, even if you’re talking nonsense back and forth.” – Work Eyes Cool

“When you have an opinion on literally everything. Especially when you absolutely feel the need to share it with everyone you meet.” – The Mighty Jacket

“Grades.” -AllTheSmoke77

But there are four characteristics that reveal our true intelligence, and we can also test them with two simple questions. What would you add to the list?

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