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The horror, which has received almost entirely positive reviews, is available for free on Steam

The horror, which has received almost entirely positive reviews, is available for free on Steam

The indie horror title is now free on Steam, which has already won the hearts of hundreds of players, and looks like it could be a real hidden gem for fans of the genre.

08.05.2024 – There's nothing better than a publisher offering a game for free. Of course, in today's world, you can find more and more titles of this type, and these are the so-called freemium games. We have the opportunity to get almost everything for free, with the difference that if we want something more serious, we have to pay for it. Also, it may happen that in order to progress faster, we have the opportunity to get rewards for money, but these are also optional packages, right? Epic Games' free games are a better step, as there's a good chance you can get full games for free temporarily. Then there are the free titles so you can play them unlimitedly, but our hands are tied in terms of content. Riot Games' League of Legends or Valorant is exactly like this. We can play freely, but if we want to look good while doing it, it costs money. Fans of horror games can now refer to Steam with pleasure, because an excellent title of this genre can be downloaded absolutely free.

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From the fact that Steam offers it for free, you can guess that it's not a AAA, Amnesia, or Resident Evil level horror experience. But that still makes it worth paying attention to the work of the independent Gemezl development team, as it has received mostly positive feedback from the community. Mimic Search is a short horror game that evokes the spirit of scary bedtime stories and late-night TV movies. In its style, it combines the visual world of VHS with the graphics of the PS1 and PS2 era. The game has to be completed in first person, you can even play it all at once, and you don't have to expect 70-80 hours of “suffering”. In fact, overall, I highly recommend anyone who can to take it for a spin, that way the horror experience will truly shock you.

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In the game, you play as a detective whose mission is to track down a mutant in a small, dark town. We can question residents, or we can simply research by patting our bellies. The city is full of strange things, and it's worth looking back often…

At the time of writing this article, the game has already received over 100 reviews, 94% of which are completely positive. Research imitation is worth a look To your Steam profileFrom which the game can be downloaded for free with one click.

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