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The first Hungarian selfie studio has opened in Budapest

The first Hungarian selfie studio has opened in Budapest

The first photography studio in Hungary opened at the beginning of November, where even those who don’t like to be photographed can relax. A new experience service located in downtown Budapest could be a big hit this holiday season.

Located just a few minutes from Oktogon, Pix Budapest Self Photo Studio offers a completely new photography experience for those who want, for example, to try themselves as amateur photographers with professional cameras, or for those who do not feel comfortable posing in front of strangers and prefer to take some photos in an atmosphere intimate. The 120 square meter commercial building houses two studios.

A wonderful program opportunity for the first time at home

This is not the first work for the entrepreneurial trio who founded Pix Budapest, they have been working together for a long time. They wanted to start another joint business, originally they were looking for a large warehouse of 200-300 square meters to open a professional photo studio, but they could not find a suitable place, then they came up with the idea of ​​self-portrait studios which were very popular and widespread in Europe. Eastern at that time. In the summer, they saw the news that two similar studios were opening in the United States, but there were none in Central Europe at the time, so they set about building the new business. They immediately fell in love with the idea of ​​a selfie studio, the innovation, the range of experience such a photo session can provide, as well as the fact that clients also receive a tangible gift, i.e. printed photos. . Photography was not a new field for the entrepreneurs, as they had dealt with school photography before, and they wanted to bring something completely new to Hungary.

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“Our concept is to provide a service experience that our clients will fully enjoy while taking high-quality photos of themselves, so the focus is on making the whole program fun. Our guests enter a professional studio where all the equipment is as if a professional photographer was working in it, there are studio lights and flashes And professional cameras and optional backdrops, guests just have to stand and they can take a photo of themselves with the self-timer.The process of taking photos is very simple: the self-timer is connected to the camera, people can control the camera themselves and click, and during the pose, they can see themselves in a live photo on a projector Large, then the photo is finished and the photo appears on the screen. It was important to us that clients who are nervous in front of a professional photographer or strangers also find this opportunity. We also wanted to give those who are shy or unable to let themselves go in front of the crew the opportunity to take photos High quality for them.– said Bence Toth, Managing Director of Pix Budapest.

Many possibilities with an area of ​​120 square meters

At Bex Budapest, we can choose between two rooms – one smaller and one larger. The first step is to book an appointment on the studio’s website, then when the day of the shoot comes, all guests receive a five- to ten-minute briefing on the studio and how to use the equipment. The larger room can accommodate up to six people, and we can take entire photos there, so we can also organize family or friends photos there. This room is well-appointed, featuring a variety of removable furniture, chairs, blankets, pillows and accessories, as well as Christmas decorations. Half-length photos can be taken in a smaller room, and it is better to take portraits here. The larger room is suitable for capturing important events, whether it is a bachelorette party or an anniversary, and the small studio is ideal for business portraits. Both rooms have 30-minute shifts, so after the briefing, the team can spend half an hour in the room during a booked appointment. There is no limit to the number of photos taken, on average we can take 70-100 photos of ourselves at this time. After taking a photo, you can instantly view your photos and select them for printing. Three images are printed for the large room and two images for the smaller room, which we receive immediately, but we also receive all completed images in digital form as a gift.

Private space and lots of laughter

No one disturbs the guests during the photo shoot and selection, and only the creators can see the completed images. If we order all completed images in digital format, we can download them from the cloud within half an hour.

It is important whether couples come for a date program or families with young children, that they can definitely spend half an hour to themselves in a quiet environment, and no one will disturb them. This photo shoot could be the perfect Christmas or Christmas gift, since the experience itself is a given, but you can also take home a physical gift afterwards. Pix Budapest is an animal friendly studio, so we can take photos with dogs, cats, chinchillas or any small pets.

You can log into the studio online on the Pix Budapest website at least 24 hours before the event, but if you want to take photos on the same day, you must inquire about free places by phone.

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